Sustainable financing solutions for SMEs and housing companies

Now is the time to reduce the environmental burden caused by your business or housing company. Leave a contact request and we’ll get back to you.

Secure your business continuity

The importance of sustainability and corporate responsibility regulation is emphasised in business operations. Large companies require that even their subcontractors focus on renewal and sustainability. In the future, the degree of sustainability achieved by a company will also impact on its access to, and terms of, financing.

You can develop, improve or create new businesses

Focusing on sustainability helps companies to innovate and develop businesses that attract both customers and financing providers.

Sustainability helps companies to compete and grow their value

A sustainable approach helps a company to stand out from competitors. Reducing the environmental burden also brings cost savings.

Want to speed up the financing application process?

You can fill in a financing application through our digital channels. In the project description, mention that you are interested in our sustainable finance solutions.

For what kinds of projects can you get financing?

The role of sustainability is growing in SMEs and housing companies. Our sustainable finance solutions are ideal if your business or housing company are planning to invest in:

  • renovation and modernisation projects that will improve energy efficiency
  • energy-efficient new construction
  • the use of renewable energy sources 
  • low emissions 
  • circular economy
  • infrastructure for low emissions transport (such as installation of electric vehicle charging stations and related electrical work)
  • organic farming.

How can you finance your sustainable investment?

You can finance your sustainable project by applying for our green loan or by using our EIF guarantee, for example. We assess all projects on a case-by-case basis, helping you to choose the best option based on the purpose of your investment and your company’s business model.

Green loan

  • A green loan can be granted for green investments that enable businesses to reduce their environmental impact.
  • You can use a project with a strong sustainability profile in your stakeholder communication and reputation building.
  • You can get a green loan at a lower cost than a regular loan.

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EIF guarantee

  • Granted on the basis of a green business model or for a green investment.
  • An EIF guarantee will serve as collateral for your loan, reducing your need for other collateral. It can cover up to 80 per cent of your loan.
  • You will get financing at lower cost since an EIF guarantee reduces the bank’s risk.

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53% of large companies intend to change their suppliers or subcontractors in the near future, due to sustainability targets. (Source: OP's Survey of Large Corporations 2024)

The European Investment Fund (EIF) guarantees we provide are part of the InvestEU programme. The financing solutions we provide benefit from support from the InvestEU Fund.

Green loan

With our green loan you can finance your company’s sustainable investments.

EIF guarantee

Serves as collateral for your company’s investments.