Insurance calculator

Conveniently compare insurance policies with our insurance calculator. Select an insurance policy, then use the calculator to compare insurance covers and calculate the price before buying. On this page, you can find our most popular insurance calculators. Compare policies and prices, and buy the right insurance for you easily online.

Insurance calculator - how it works

Use the insurance calculator to compare insurance covers and prices quickly and easily. Comparing prices does not obligate you to purchase insurance, and the information you enter will not be stored if you decide against buying. See below for our most popular insurance calculators. Select the insurance you want and calculate the price with product-specific insurance calculators. If you are interested in corporate insurances as opposed to private customer insurances, we recommend learning more about corporate insurances and insurance prices.


Our most popular insurance calculators


Motor insurance calculators make shopping around easier

Thinking about the price of the motor vehicle insurance or motorcycle insurance? If you want to compare or tender different motor vehicle insurance policies or find out how much insurance would cost for a motorcycle, for example, the insurance calculators provide fast and easy answers.

The motor insurance calculators will recommend a policy for your vehicle and show the price with just a few clicks. The motor vehicle insurance calculator and motorcycle insurance calculator also show your vehicle’s motor liability insurance price, and calculates your bonuses based on your insurance and claims history.

You can also customise the cover easily with the motor insurance calculators. You can select the additional cover for your insurance policy that suits your needs and compare prices. When you change the cover in the calculator, the insurance policy’s price will update simultaneously.

Please note that no campaign discounts are included in the prices given by the motor insurance calculator. They will be shown after purchase in the policy document and invoice delivered to you. In order to calculate and compare car and motorcycle insurance prices, we will ask you to provide some key information, such as your vehicle’s registration number and your personal identity code.

As you compare policies and premium prices, remember to check any discounts included in the price by the insurance calculator. For example, some fixed-term campaign discounts are not always included in the insurance calculator’s prices, which means that the insurance premium may actually be lower.

You can see existing campaigns for each insurance policy on their individual pages. Any campaign discounts will be included in the policy document and invoice that will be sent to you.

  • Start using the calculator by selecting the insurance you are interested in.
  • The insurance calculator will ask you to enter the basic details required for the calculation.
  • Once the basic details have been entered, you can customise the insurance by selecting various included covers. As you adjust the covers, the insurance calculator will automatically update the price.
  • The price given by the insurance calculator depends on the covers included, as well as by the maximum amounts of compensation and deductibles you select. Maximum compensation means the sum up to which we will cover losses from your insurance in the event of a loss. Deductible means the amount that you must pay before receiving compensation from the insurance.