Insurance calculator

Do you want to know what insurance policies we can recommend to yourself and your family? Interested in comparing insurance policies and calculating the premium price before making a decision? Use our webshop insurance calculator to compare insurance prices quickly and easily. Select the insurance calculator, enter the necessary policies, and the calculator will give you a quote. Comparing insurance policies and calculating their prices will not obligate you to buy anything, and the information you enter will not be saved. Since our insurance calculators work online, you can buy any insurance you prefer right away.


Check out our improved motor vehicle insurance calculator and motorcycle insurance calculator – get a quote for motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance in an instant


Thinking about the price of the motor vehicle insurance or motorcycle insurance? Whether you want to compare motor vehicle insurance policies, find a better price or check out the price of motorcycle or car insurance, our insurance calculators give you answer instantly and now even more easily!

Our improved calculators will recommend policies for your vehicles and show the price with just a few clicks. The motorcycle and motor vehicle insurance calculator also shows your vehicle’s motor liability insurance price, and calculates your bonuses based on your insurance and claims history. You can also tailor your policy by including additional covers, with the insurance price being updated as you go along. Please note that no campaign discounts are included in the prices given by the calculator. They will be shown after purchase in the policy document and invoice delivered to you.

In order to calculate and compare car and motorcycle insurance prices, we will ask you to give some key information, such as your vehicle’s registration number and your personal identity code. No information you enter will be saved. See below for the motor vehicle insurance and motorcycle insurance calculator.

Home insurance calculator, travel insurance calculator, life insurance calculator and our other insurance calculators


Our webshop has insurance calculators to calculate and compare the prices of other policies that may interest you. Using the insurance calculator is easy – all you have to do is to select the object to be insured, fill in the necessary information and select the covers you are interested in. See below for insurance calculators for other products.

How does the insurance calculator work?


Start by selecting the insurance you are interested in. After this, the insurance calculator will ask you to enter the basic details required for the calculation. With regard to car and motorcycle insurance, this means, for example, the vehicle’s registration number, model and ownership. With the travel insurance calculator, you can choose whether you want to insure both the passengers and the luggage, while the life insurance calculator will ask for basic information about the person to be insured.

Once the basic details have been entered, you can tailor the insurance by selecting various covers for it. As you make changes, the insurance calculator will update the premium price at the same time. The price given by the insurance calculator is affected not only by the covers but also by the deductibles you select. The deductible is the sum you pay for each loss.

No information you enter in the insurance calculator will be saved unless you actually buy a policy. Therefore, feel free to compare different policies before making your decision. Once you have bought a policy, you will receive the policy documents in OP eServices within a few banking days.


Insurance calculator and discounts


As you compare policies and premium prices, remember to check any discounts included in the price by the insurance calculator. For example, some fixed-term campaign discounts are not always included in the insurance calculator’s prices, which means that the insurance premium may actually be lower. You can see existing campaigns for each insurance policy on their individual pages. Any campaign discounts will be included in the policy document and invoice that will be sent to you.