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Home Insurance for a flat

Insurance for a flat and movables

Extended Home Insurance with all covers

To choose Extended Home Insurance for your home, include all our recommended home insurance covers as well as legal expenses insurance and general liability insurance.

For movables and the parts of the flat

With Home Insurance for a flat, you cover your furniture and other movable property as well as your home’s interior decoration, surface coverings, fixed appliances and equipment.

Your deductible benefit as an owner-customer

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, your deductible in a loss due to fire, crime or natural phenomenon may be as little as 0 euros.

What does Home Insurance for a flat cover?

Home Insurance provides cover against unpleasant surprises at home, from broken appliances to fire. Home Insurance for a flat covers your belongings against theft, sudden water damage or breakage, among other events. In addition to movable property, the insurance can also be used to cover the parts of the flat by customising the policy to insure your flat’s fixed interior decorations and furniture, surface coverings and fixed appliances, equipment and structures. 

Home Insurance for a flat also covers losses to your home up to your selected maximum amount of compensation. In most cases, the insurance compensates movables for up to 5,000 euros when they are temporarily outside your home.

Maximum compensation means the sum up to which we will cover losses under your Home Insurance for a flat. You should therefore set the maximum compensation to correspond to the true value of your movables and the parts of the flat as accurately as possible.
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Home Insurance for a flat also provides coverage when you move house

You do not have to worry about your move, because Home Insurance for a flat also covers your property when you are moving house. We compensate to you if, for example, you TV set falls and breaks during removal.

Do remember to let us know in advance that you are moving, because Home Insurance is never transferred automatically to the new address. The coverage of Home Insurance should also be reviewed if the value of your property changes considerably. All the best with the move and with your new home!


Covers under Home Insurance for a flat

Coverage What do we compensate? Deductible
Fire and natural phenomena Fire and natural phenomena cover compensates losses caused by fire, soot, explosion, heavy rain, storm wind, heavy hailstorm, lightning or whirlwind.

The cover also compensates damage due to exceptional freshwater or saltwater flooding.
150 - 1,000 euros

As our owner-customer, you are entitled to a deductible benefit of 200 euros for your fire and natural phenomena cover, thanks to which your deductible may be as little as 0 euros.
Crime cover Crime cover compensates losses caused by theft, robbery, break-in or vandalism.

We also compensate if items such as garden furniture or a pram, a locked bicycle or a barbecue are stolen from your property.
150 - 1,000 euros

As our owner-customer, you are entitled to a deductible benefit of 200 euros for your crime cover, thanks to which your deductible may be as little as 0 euros.
Equipment breakage cover Equipment breakage cover compensates the breakage of pipes, electrical wires or the home’s technical equipment, machinery or appliances without external reason or due to an electrical phenomenon or a mechanical cause. 150 - 1,000 euros
Pipeline leakage cover
Pipeline leakage cover compensates when a building's fixed pipework or a household machine installed in the house breaks and causes water damage, for example, to the parquet floor and furniture. 150 - 1,000 euros
Breakage and loss cover
Breakage and loss cover compensates when your property is damaged as a result of an external event, or you lose the property. For example, if a television falls when being moved or a pot of paint falls and paint is splashed on a brick wall. This cover does not compensate damage or loss covered by any of the other types of cover mentioned above. 150 - 1,000 euros


In addition to the above covers, Home Insurance for a flat always includes general liability insurance and legal expenses insurance. General liability insurance under your Home Insurance provides compensation if you cause loss to others for which you are liable by law. You can claim compensation for legal expenses related to civil and criminal disputes under your Home Insurance’s legal expenses insurance.

Did you know that if you, for example, remodel your kitchen, you can also insure cupboards, home appliances and surface materials?

Volmari Ojanen Insurance Manager, Pohjola Insurance

Home Insurance for a flat also provides coverage when you move house

Home insurance is important for both tenants and private lessors. Read below how Home Insurance for a flat is ideal for your needs, whether you are a tenant or a lessor. 
Tenant. It is advisable that tenants take out home insurance to at least cover their movable property, in other words their movables. In addition, the tenant should agree with the lessor on who insures the parts of the leased flat. Usually, the lessor is responsible for insuring the flat, but as the tenant, you can also include insurance of the flat in your home insurance in the event that a loss occurs and the lessor demands that you compensate for the damage you have caused.  
Lessor. If you are leasing out a flat, you should insure both its movables and the parts of the flat. Taking out insurance for the parts of the flat is important also if you are a private lessor. A private lessor should also require tenants to take out their own Home Insurance that includes general liability insurance. Our home insurance always includes general liability insurance that compensates if the policyholder causes damage to other persons or their property for which they are liable for compensation under law.

Read more about lessor’s insurance
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Holiday home insurance
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We recommend that you insure not only the movable property of your home but also parts of the flat. By ‘parts of a flat’, we mean

  • fittings and fixtures
  • fixed machinery and equipment, and structures
  • surface materials on the floors, walls and ceilings.

The housing company’s real estate insurance compensates any losses to an owner-occupied flat up to the basic level. By basic level we as a rule mean the level of accessories the home had right after being completed. Any basic improvements carried out in the entire housing company are also included in the basic level.

If a shareholder or the tenant has, for example, as part of a renovation changed the surface materials to better ones or installed new parts to the flat, these are not included in the basic level. This is why any modifications or improvements must by insured by a home insurance policy taken out by the shareholder or tenant. 

Owner-customer benefits

If you are our owner-customer and have policies from three product lines, you are entitled to an almost 10% discount on most policies and a discount of nearly 18% on comprehensive motor vehicle insurance with no-claims bonus. If you are aged between 18 and 27, you can get a 21% discount on almost all home and family insurance policies.

Other benefits

  • A 40% increase in the sum insured under life insurance
  • 200-euro benefit of the deductible under MyHome Insurance
  • one-year, free-of-charge life insurance for parents with a child under one year of age

OP bonuses

Owner-members not only get OP bonuses for home, family and vehicle insurance premiums, but also for

  • loans
  • savings and investments
  • funds in accounts
  • purchases you have paid with OP-Visa credit.

OP bonuses are used for the bank’s service charges and insurance premiums.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. OP cooperative banks are acting as Pohjola Insurance Ltd’s representatives.