Moving home and updating your home insurance

It is essential that you update your home insurance when you move to a new address. Update your home insurance well in advance to ensure top-notch cover during the move as well as while you are buying and selling your home.

Change of address and home insurance as an Pohjola Insurance customer

You can easily update your insurance policies by logging into and changing the place of insurance of your current policy. In other words, you will not need to buy new insurance. You can also ensure that your policy will not be interrupted and that it will also keep you protected during the move and your house sale.

How does my current home insurance protect me during the move?

  • The cover for moving house covers both your new flat’s and old flat’s items and parts, such as fittings and surface materials, for up to two months. We will compensate you for, e.g. the loss of your TV set if it breaks during removal.
  • You can file a claim under the legal expenses insurance if you have to use legal counsel in disputes concerning the buying/selling of your home. Do make sure that it remains valid without interruption when you move to a new home.

We recommend that you update your insurance well in advance in order to have one thing less to be concerned about on the removal day.

This is how you can update your Pohjola Home insurance to a new address:

  1. Log into the service below and open the information on your home insurance under My policies.
  2. Select Change in place of insurance and fill in the required details.
  3. Send a request for change. You will see the price of your new home insurance policy before you send the request.


I do not have Pohjola Home insurance yet

As a new home insurance customer, you can calculate the price and easily buy your insurance in our webshop. Pohjola Home insurance is suitable for any home, and you can tailor it to your needs and the needs of your residence.

The cover for moving house included in our home insurance also protects you during the move, as long as you activate your new insurance already on the day of the move.


Home insurance and moving house go hand-in-hand

Remember to check your insurance cover when moving homes. Take particular care to ensure that all your properties are insured against fire or water damage, even during a move. For example, if you are moving to a new detached house before your old house has been sold, you must have insurance for both properties up until the old home is sold.

  • If you are moving flats (such as from one block of flats to another), you can file a change of address in the service. In this case, however, you must ensure that the parts of the flat are insured for a sufficient amount in euros. Parts of a flat include the interior materials of the wall and floor structures, such as fixed cabinets and surface coverings (parquet floor, tiles and wallpaper, for example).
  • If you are moving to a detached house, make sure that both your new and old home are insured at all times when you are liable for possible damage.
  • If you are moving from a flat to a detached house or vice versa, please note that the insurance for a flat can never compensate damage incurred to a detached house. Correspondingly, insurance for a detached house can never be used to compensate damage to parts of a flat.

Cover for moving house protects your home contents during a move

When moving to a new home, remember to transfer your home insurance to your new address. By updating your current Pohjola home insurance to a new address, you can make sure that your home insurance protects you during the move. Our cover for moving house protects the items both in your and old home for up to two months. You can change the address of your home insurance, i.e. change the place of insurance, quickly and easily by following the instructions above.

Instead, if you do not have Pohjola Home insurance yet, please take a look at our insurance policies and get insurance appropriate for your home quickly online.

Can you change home insurance?

Home insurance is not automatically transferred to a new address, but the change can be easily done on the service. At the same time, users can edit the home insurance coverage to suit their new home.

Can home insurance be bought before moving to a new home?

We recommend that you buy home insurance for a new home before moving. This ensures that you will receive the best possible coverage for the duration of the sale of purchase of a home as well as when moving house. Changes to Pohjola Insurance’s home insurance can be easily made on the service. If you want to switch to us from your current home insurance provider, you can do so easily at

Moving together with another person and home insurance – is one insurance policy enough?

When a couple moves in to a new home, only a single joint home insurance policy is required. If you are moving in to a rented house or flat together with a roommate, both of you need to have an insurance policy that also includes legal expenses insurance and general liability insurance. In practice, an insurance policy will cover the portion of the apartment that is in your use as well as your own property.