Comprehensive home insurance

You will get comprehensive home insurance from MyHome Insurance – the same as Pohjola Home Insurance – when you include all covers we offer. Read below about the covers included in comprehensive home insurance customised from MyHome Insurance and further secure your home, regardless of your type of residence.

Comprehensive home insurance – our best cover for all homes


MyHome Insurance is an excellent cover for all homes, whether a flat, detached house with property, or semi-detached home, for example, is concerned. You can customise comprehensive home insurance from MyHome Insurance when you include all the home covers we offer in your plan.

Select your housing type and customise an insurance for your household items


Old or new comprehensive home insurance

Is your home already covered by Pohjola Insurance? The terms and covers of Extended Home Insurance, which is no longer available, may differ from MyHome Insurance as described in these instructions. You will see the terms of your home insurance by logging into the service and going to the My Policies section.

If your home is covered by home insurance that is no longer available, you can easily request an offer for MyHome Insurance online. By filling in the electronic invitation-to-tender form, you will receive information on the insurance policy we recommend for your home, the insurance premium, and how MyHome Insurance differs from your existing plan. 

Comprehensive home insurance = five covers for home losses

Comprehensive home insurance linked with MyHome Insurance consists of five covers that protect your home and housing from costs caused by minor and major losses. Unless agreed otherwise, you will also automatically receive general liability insurance and legal expenses insurance with your comprehensive home insurance if you have determined that the insurance at least covers the contents of your home.   

You can read more about the comprehensive home insurance covers that can be included in your MyHome Insurance below. 

Compensations will be paid from the fire and natural phenomena cover for losses caused by 
heavy rain
heavy hailstorm
direct lightning bolt
exceptional freshwater or saltwater flooding.
The deductible in the fire and natural phenomena cover is €150–1,000. As an owner-customer of the OP cooperative bank, you are entitled to a €250 deductible benefit for the fire and natural phenomena cover offered with MyHome Insurance – in which case your deductible may be as little as €0 when losses are compensated from your fire and natural phenomena cover.
Crime cover compensates losses caused by
The deductible for crime cover is €150–1,000. As an owner-customer of an OP cooperative bank, you get a 250 euro deductible benefit for the crime cover provided by MyHome Insurance, which means that your deductible may be as little as €0. 
Equipment Breakage Cover compensates losses caused by the breakage of
a technical device in the house
a technical machine in the house or
a household appliance in the house without an external reason, due to an electrical anomaly or mechanical cause.
The deductible in Equipment Breakage Cover is €150-1,000.

Our pipeline leakage cover compensates losses resulting from leakage damage caused by water escaping from a building’s fixed network or a household appliance connected to it.

The deductible in pipeline leakage cover is €150–1,000.

Breakage and loss cover compensates when your property is damaged as a result of an external event, or you lose the property – for example, if a television falls when being moved or a pot of paint falls and paint is splashed on a brick wall. Under this cover, the insurance will never cover any damage or loss covered by any of the other types of cover mentioned above.

Price of comprehensive home insurance

The price of comprehensive home insurance depends on a number of factors, such as the location and year of construction of the object to be insured, age of the policyholder, and the purpose of use of the insured apartment. The price of the comprehensive home insurance also depends on the covers you have selected, the maximum compensations and deductibles selected for the covers, the number of instalments you have selected, and any discounts you may have received from your other transactions.

You will see the price of the comprehensive home insurance and all factors affecting the price when you go to the Webshop to buy the insurance. The information you have entered will only be saved in connection with the purchase, so you can easily compare the prices of the home insurance before purchasing.

Comprehensive home insurance for a tenant

Lessors often require that the future tenant takes out comprehensive home insurance to cover the rented flat. You can select your housing type and easily cover the rented flat with comprehensive home insurance including general liability insurance online. When you have covered the rented flat with comprehensive home insurance, you can easily show the existence of the insurance to the lessor with OP-mobile’s automatically-downloading home insurance card. 

The product details on this page apply to the presently offered MyHome home insurance. The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

To view the terms and conditions of your home insurance, visit the Omat vakuutukset (in Finnish) section in the service

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