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Shopping around for home insurance

Shop around for home insurance online in just minutes

Shop around easily for home insurance

Enter the details of the insured home, select the scope you want, and instantly calculate the price.

Shop around for home insurance depending on your needs as well as those of your home

When shopping around, for insurance, for a flat or terraced house, you can choose one of two scopes of coverage: Comprehensive and Basic. In the case of insurance for a detached house, semi-detached house or summer cottage, you can freely choose the covers you want. In addition, you can always flexibly select a suitable deductible and, if required, increase the suggested maximum compensation.

When comparing home insurance policies, don’t forget OP bonuses and our other benefits

As an owner-customer of an OP bank, you will receive a discount on your insurance premiums and OP bonuses, which can be used towards insurance premium.

How comparing home insurance policies works:

  1. Proceed to calculate the price and fill in the needed information.
  2. Select the policy suitable for you from our options, or pick and choose separate covers to customise a best home insurance for your needs.
  3. Select the deductible you want and sufficient maximum compensations. When shopping around for home insurance, it’s useful to check how a higher deductible affects the price of insurance, for example.
  4. Select the number of annual instalments for the insurance premium. If you pay your insurance premium in one instalment, you will receive a mode of payment discount.
  5. Check the price to see the discounts you are entitled to. Please note that all of the discounts you are entitled to are not necessarily displayed in the online store unless you have logged in with your OP user ID.
  6. Confirm the purchase and enjoy a protected home.

Why shop around and compare home insurance policies?

Home insurance is often one of your most important forms of insurance, and keeping it up-to-date and ensuring coverage is recommended from time to time. When comparing home insurance policies, it is useful to look beyond just the price of the policy. These include the covers included, maximum compensation, and deductibles and services that complement coverage of your home. For example, when comparing home insurance policies for your flat, you should ensure that the maximum compensation is sufficient both in terms of fixtures and movable property. Home insurance includes cover for home contents - in other words, movable property - in the form of home contents insurance. In the event of loss or damage, you will have access to our broad network of partners that offer valuable deals and benefits for our insurance customers.

When is it useful to shop around and compare home insurance policies?

You should shop around for home insurance particularly when

  • you move homes,
  • you are renovating your current home or
  • your home insurance has remained the same for a long time.

When moving to a new home, it is important to make sure that your home insurance is the right type and that it covers all possible damage. When moving from a flat to a detached house, for example, the type of the insured home changes substantially and your home insurance covers have to be updated for the new home. When moving from one flat to another, in turn, the floor area and amenities of your home may change, and this should also be taken into account in the insurance coverage and maximum compensation.

A slightly more common situation in which it is useful to shop around for home insurance policies occurs when you renovate or improve your current home. In a kitchen renovation, for example, the total value of your home’s fixtures are likely to increase, which means that your insurance’s maximum compensation should be re-evaluated and increased to reflect the changes. Valuable individual purchases such as a new home cinema or TV should also be taken into account in the maximum compensation for home contents.

We recommend shopping around for home insurance also when some time has passed since you last switched policies. It may be the case, for example, that your current policy was chosen because of a fixed-term discount that is no longer valid. Insurance policies also constantly develop to better meet new needs, and there may be better options available to replace your old policy.

Compare home insurance policies also from the point of view of possible loss or damage

When the coverages and price that you need are clear, we recommend that you compare home insurance policies also from the perspective of possible damage situations, in other words which option offers you the best coverage and assistance. In the event of loss or damage, the cheapest home insurance may not be the best option for you. Comprehensive Home Insurance has the best coverage against loss and ensures that you pay less if any unpleasant surprises should happen. Did you know that we compensate nearly 70,000 home losses each year. As a Pohjola Insurance customer, Pohjola Claim Help is at your service 24/7, and you will have fast access to support and clear instructions on what to do. In the event of a loss, you will also have access to our wide network of partners.

When comparing home insurance policies, take into account any discounts and benefits

As a Pohjola Insurance customer, you will receive a discount on your insurance policies when you have policies in at least three different product groups. For example, if you take out both home insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance and a motor vehicle insurance plan that includes motor liability insurance, you will have insurance policies in three product groups and are eligible for a discount. in addition, as an OP owner-customer, you will receive OP bonuses from your insurance policies and a possible additional discount on your insurance policies. As an owner-customer, your accrued OP bonuses may also be used towards insurance premiums.

Looking to get all your insurance matters in order? Shop around for home insurance and any other policies all at once

You will get the best picture of your insurance policies and prices when you compare all your insurance policies at one time. Shop around for home insurance and all your other insurance policies handily at the same time by asking for an offer. Asking for an offer is free of charge and does not obligate you to any purchase.