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What does Home Insurance cover?

MyHome Insurance, the home insurance of Pohjola Insurance, covers losses and damage to your home and contents of your home. Read imaginary examples of coverage situations and learn what your home insurance covers and which losses or damages are your own responsibility.

This is what home insurance covers

Below you find fictitious loss or damage situations involving MyHome insurance. We describe the situation and whether it is one in which the home insurance policy could be expected to cover the damage. Please note that every loss or damage will be dealt with case by case, and that the indemnifiability of the loss may vary according to the nature of the loss event.

Will the home insurance cover: A mobile phone screen is shattered

Eddie is ironing his shirt in the kitchen, as he accidentally knocks his phone to the floor with his elbow. The phone falls screen down to the floor, and hits the tiled surface with a loud cracking sound. Suspecting the worst, Eddie turns the phone around, and yes, the screen is completely shattered. The phone is dead, and Eddie cannot bring it to life.

Solution: The accident will be covered by the breakage and loss cover included in the MyHome insurance policy.

As a customer of Pohjola Insurance, Eddie takes the damaged phone to the nearest Fonum repair shop, and Fonum will submit the loss report as well as repair the phone. At Fonum, Eddie’s phone will also get a screen protector made of hardened glass to protect it from future damage. Eddie finds the nearest Fonum repair shop through the Pohjola Claim Help service. 

Points to note

The breakage and loss cover covers damage to or loss of property caused by an external event. Such events include a TV set or smartphone broken by a fall to the ground. The deductible of this cover is your choice in the range 150 - 1,000 euros.


Will the home insurance cover: The washing machine won’t start

Eliza is doing her laundry. She loads her dark laundry into the machine, but, having closed the lid, Eliza sees that the machine does not respond, and that the programme display remains dark. Eliza tries all the tricks in the manual, but none of them seems to work. The laundry machine is broken, and Eliza cannot start any washing cycle.

Solution: The accident will be covered by the equipment breakage cover included in the MyHome insurance policy. 

As a customer of Pohjola Insurance, Eliza contacts Gigantti, and Gigantti estimates the cost of having the appliance repaired. As a repair in Eliza’s case is not a viable option, Gigantti replaces the broken machine with a new one. Gigantti also contacts Pohjola Insurance and handles all the formalities on behalf of Eliza.

Gigantti gives Eliza a discount on the installation of a new appliance and takes the old appliance away for free. Eliza finds instructions for the breakdown of the appliance and the contact information of Gigantti at Pohjola Claim Help.

Points to note

The equipment breakage cover breakage of technical equipment, machines, or home appliances in your home occurring without any external reason as a consequence of an electrical phenomenon or a mechanical reason. The deductible of this cover is your choice in the range 150 - 1,000 euros.


Will the home insurance cover: The dishwasher causes water damage in the home

Daniel is raking the lawn of his semi-detached house. In the kitchen, his dishwasher is busy coping with the dishes used at dinner yesterday evening. While Daniel is doing his gardening, the drain hose of the dishwasher suddenly and unexpectedly breaks, spilling water all over the tiled kitchen floor, and onto the parquet in the living room. The parquet absorbs some fluid before Daniel gets inside his flooded house. Seeing what has happened, Daniel immediately turns the dishwasher off, but the damage is already done. The parquet, soaked in water, has sustained serious moisture damage.

Solution: Daniel has chosen a MyHome insurance policy that covers home contents as well as parts of the flat. The damage to parts of the apartment is reimbursed under the pipeline leakage cover included in the MyHome insurance policy.

Points to note

The pipeline leakage cover included in the home insurance policy covers leakage damage caused by water escaping from a building's fixed pipework or an operating device connected to it. The deductible of this cover is your choice in the range 150 - 1,000 euros.


Will the home insurance cover: A fire damages the home or property

Susan is working remotely from home. A fully stacked dishwasher is swooshing away in the kitchen while Susan works in another room with her earphones on. The aged dishwasher overheats, and a small fire breaks out in the motor. At first, Susan does not hear the fire alarm in the kitchen, but she is quickly alerted by the smell of burning in the room. Susan races to the kitchen and sees smoke coming out from the dishwasher. She is able to turn off the machine and put out the fire, but notices that the fire has managed to also damage the floor and adjacent refrigerator.

Solution: The loss is covered by fire and natural phenomena cover included in the MyHome insurance policy.

Pohjola’s MyHome home insurance always includes fire and natural phenomena cover. Susan lives in a flat in a block of flats, and has chosen insurance that covers both movable property and parts of the flat. As such, the home insurance will cover damage to both the dishwasher and refrigerator as well as to the floor. 

Points to note

Fire and natural phenomena cover compensates losses caused by fire, soot, explosion, heavy rain, storm wind, heavy hailstorm, lightning or whirlwind. The deductible for the cover is between €150 to €1,000. As our owner-customer, you are entitled to a deductible benefit of 250 euros for the cover, which means that your deductible may even be waived entirely. The cover also compensates damage due to exceptional freshwater or saltwater flooding.


Will the home insurance cover: An unknown person destroys outdoor furniture belonging to a detached house

Sonia and her family leave town to spend a relaxing weekend at their summer cottage. Returning home after a great weekend, the family notes that their outdoor barbecue has been tipped over, and the outdoor furniture lies scattered round the lawn. Taking a closer look at the situation, Sonia finds that the barbecue has been totally destroyed, and that the children’s locked bicycles have been stolen. The recently purchased robot lawnmower is also gone. The broken locks of the bikes is all that remains on the lawn. 

Solution: This damage is compensated under the crime cover of the MyHome Insurance policy

Home insurance also covers property damage caused by theft or vandalism. See Pohjola Claim Help for instructions on what to do in various loss events.

Points to note

Home insurance protects you against theft and vandalism.. Crime cover compensates losses caused by theft, robbery, burglary or vandalism. Crime cover also compensates damage caused by the theft of prams, outdoor furniture, locked bicycles or lawn mowers from outdoor premises. In the case of robotic lawnmowers, a PIN code is considered a sufficient lock. The deductible of this cover is your choice in the range 150 - 1,000 euros. 

As an owner-customer of an OP cooperative bank, you get a 200 euro deductible benefit, which means that your deductible will be reduced by 200 euros. Depending on the deductible you chose for your policy, the deductible from crime cover might even be 0 euros.  


Will the home insurance cover: A kicked ball cracks the windscreen of a neighbour’s car

Tom’s preteen son Oliver is kicking a ball with some friends of his. In the heat of the game, Oliver inadvertently kicks the ball too hard and too far, and it lands squarely on the windscreen of a neighbour’s Audi. A crack appears in the windscreen. The neighbour sees the damage, and demands that Tom pay the costs incurred by the damage to the windscreen.

Solution: The damage is compensated under the general liability insurance included in the MyHome insurance policy.

Points to note

The general liability insurance covers losses or damage that you the policyholder or a person living permanently in your household inflicts on another person, or that person’s property. For the general liability insurance to cover the damage, the damage must not have been caused deliberately. If a child under 12 years of age caused the damage, the damage could be caused deliberately as well. If you suspect that an event that might be covered by a general liability insurance policy has occurred, please contact us first: we will determine your liability.





The product details on this page apply to the presently offered MyHome home insurance. The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. OP cooperative banks act as representatives of Pohjola Insurance.

To view the terms and conditions of your home insurance, visit the Omat vakuutukset (in Finnish) section in the op.fi service