Lessor’s insurance

Insurance for buy-to-let home protecting your property

Cover for surfaces and fittings

Lessor's insurance coverage includes fittings and surface materials the maintenance of which is the home owner’s responsibility.


Guaranteed coverage

Lessor's insurance makes sure that your property is safe, because the tenant’s insurance may be terminated without your knowing it.


Deductible benefit 250 euros

The deductible in fire, natural phenomenon and crime losses may be zero for owner-customers.


Calculate the price for lessor's insurance and buy online

Calculate the price and buy insurance easily on the page on home insurance for the respective type of home. When asked about the home’s purpose of use, state that you are the lessor.

Insurance for a terraced house or other home

If you want to insure a terraced house, semi-detached house, separate house or detached house which you have let out, calculate the price and buy insurance on the page for the respective type of home. To insure a terraced house you have let out, for example, visit the page on home insurance for a terraced house.

What does lessor’s insurance cover?

If you decide to buy a buy-to-let home or rent out a home you have inherited, for example, lessor's insurance will come in useful. A tenant’s insurance covers the tenant’s own moveable property, but coverage for parts of a home, such as surface materials and fittings varies. Lessor's insurance enables you to ensure that part of a home that you have rented out, and for example the refrigerator or washing machine in it that you own, have exactly the coverage you want.

For a buy-to-let home, you can select the deductible you want and the losses you want covered. The insurance provides cover for fire and leakage losses or sudden breakage losses, for example. Based on the floor area of your flat, we will suggest maximum compensation for parts of the flat. If you want, you can increase the suggested maximum compensation. 

It is in the interest of both the tenant and the lessor that the tenant always has home insurance that includes general liability insurance. The tenant’s general liability insurance covers losses for which the tenant is liable to compensate by law.

Lessor's insurance covers, for example,

  • fittings and fixtures
  • fixed machinery and equipment
  • surface materials

that have been damaged suddenly and unforeseeably.

The insurance does not cover damage caused deliberately or through gross negligence by a lessee or their family member or guest, except in cases of fire or leakage damage. For leakage damage to be covered, the home must also be insured against pipeline leakages. 

Are you worried about your extended liability for renovation costs as a shareholder? Set the right amount of maximum compensation for each part of your home in order for your home insurance to also cover exceptional liabilities transferred to shareholders under the housing company’s articles of association, such as the costs of HVAC engineering or even roofing work for the property.

Insure renovation outcome too

Lessor's insurance is particularly important if, once the home has been completed, let us say the surface materials have been improved or new fittings or fixtures have been added. The value of any modifications and improvements should be assessed in the lessor's insurance and in the maximum compensation of the parts of the home of your choice, because the housing company’s real estate insurance will not cover them.

The housing company’s real estate insurance covers losses only up to the basic level, that is, primarily up to the level it was in the year it was completed. Any basic improvements carried out in the entire housing company are also included in the basic level. Do bear in mind that the real estate insurance does not necessarily cover all the losses that the lessor's insurance covers.

I updated my buy-to-let home’s kitchen and bathroom to meet the modern requirements and I want to ensure that my investment is also taken into account in case of any loss.

Anneli Lahti

Liability and legal expenses insurance policies give security to lessors

Lessor’s should be prepared not only for losses to the home but also other risks related to buy-to-let homes. When you have insured your own home’s contents with MyHome insurance, the liability and legal expenses insurance policies included in it provide coverage also to your buy-to-let home. When your household owns only one buy-to-let home, your home’s liability and legal expenses insurance policies also cover the buy-to-let home.

Legal expenses insurance entitles you to compensation for legal expenses in disputed civil cases concerning your buy-to-let home. General liability insurance, on the other hand, will cover if, for example when doing renovation, you cause the housing company a loss for which you are liable.

The division of responsibilities between the housing company and owners of shares in housing company is determined by the Limited Liability Housing Companies Act. The shareholder is responsible for home interior, while the housing company is responsible for the structures and insulation. The Articles of Association or shareholders' meeting may, however, agree on extensions of the shareholder’s or resident’s maintenance liability. Tenants will nevertheless be responsible for their own movable property.

Division of responsibilities between housing company and owners of shares in housing company

  Housing corporation Shareholder
Constructions Roof, floors, ceiling, external and internal walls, balconies, water insulation  
Surfaces   Internal floor and wall surfaces, paintings, wallpaper, internal plastering, screeding surfaces, dropped ceilings
Doors Front door, outer balcony door, letterbox, name sign, lock Internal doors, inner balcony door, front-door security lock, safety chain, break-in protection
Fixed furniture and equipment   Cupboards, window sills, curtain rods, sauna benches, fireplace, ovens
Ventilation systems Valve repair and renewal, filters outside the home, cooker hood connected to air exhaust duct, air intake and outlet machinery Valve cleaning, filters inside the home, cooker hood


As a Pohjola Insurance prime customer you will receive discounts benefits. When you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you have access to even better benefits and discounts and the bonuses you have received as an owner-customer are used for your insurance premiums.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.