Rent Deposit Account

Safe solution for storing your rent deposit

The Rent Deposit Account is an ideal solution for depositing the agreed security deposit.

  • The tenant deposits the amount agreed with the lessor, not to exceed three months’ rent, to a current account and pledges it with a pledge agreement.
  • Due to the pledge, the tenant cannot access the funds on the account during the lease. The funds can be withdrawn once the lease ends and the lessor has signed a release of the pledge. The lessor returns the signed pledge agreement to the tenant or delivers it directly to the bank.
  • If the tenant neglects his obligations under the tenancy agreement, the landlord has the right to withdraw the pledged money from the bank.
  • The pledge agreement form for a rent deposit is available in the service. In the pledge agreement, the bank agrees to a non-set-off commitment, in other words not to set off funds deposited in the account against any receivables it may have. 

How to open a rent deposit account at

The easiest way to open a rent deposit account is to log into the service. We currently don’t offer online services in English for private customers.
Tip: To avoid mixing up your accounts, you can name the new account "Rent Deposit Account".
Edit account details
2. Deposit on your new account the amount of rent deposit agreed in the lease agreement
3. Pledge your account as a rent deposit account
4. You will receive the pledge agreement by online message within 1 to 3 working days. You still need to fill in any missing information in the pledge agreement, sign it and deliver it to your lessor.
Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to open a rent deposit account via the service. With the guardians’ permission, we can open a rent deposit account for a minor at a bank branch. 

If you wish, you can also open a Rental Deposit Account at a branch. Remember to bring your identity papers and tenancy agreement.

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The bank charges a fee for the pledge and withdrawal restriction in accordance with the bank's list of service fees. The service charge is debited automatically, and primarily from OP bonuses.

Go to list of service charges and fees (pdf)

The deposit rate is 0 %. 

The account holder can withdraw the money deposited when the landlord releases the pledge.

The funds and the deposit interest fall within the scope of deposit insurance up to the amount prescribed by law. OP Financial Group member banks are considered a single bank from the perspective of deposit insurance.

A monthly charge does not apply to rent deposit accounts.

OP cooperative bank owner-customers earn OP bonuses from:

  • Funds in savings accounts

  • Home loans, student loans and secured bank loans

  • Mutual funds and unit-linked insurance assets

  • Insurance premiums paid, such as home and motor vehicle insurance and continuous travel insurance

 OP bonuses are used for the bank’s service charges and insurance premiums.

The account is granted by the OP cooperative bank.