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Holiday home insurance for your needs

Your holiday home or summer cottage is always insured for its true value, as our insurance takes into account the floor area and the building’s features. You do not need to determine the building’s value when taking out a holiday home insurance as we will only assess it if a loss occurs.


Cover for outbuildings and wells

The holiday home insurance also covers wells and the related equipment as well as outbuildings with a floor area of less than 12 m2, up to a total of EUR 7,000. However, sauna buildings must be separately insured.


Owner-customer’s deductible benefit EUR 250

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you get a deductible benefit of up to EUR 250 for coverable losses arising from fire, natural phenomena or crime, lowering your deductible to as little as EUR 0. As an owner-customer, you also get discounts and earn OP bonuses from insurance policies.


We compensate approximately 10,000 losses caused by crime each year

Worried about burglars? Crime cover for your holiday home insurance covers losses caused by theft, robbery, burglary and vandalism. We compensate as many as 10,000 losses arising from criminal act committed against holiday homes, other buildings and movable property each year.

What does a holiday home insurance cover?

A change of scenery does good sometimes, and many people head for their holiday home whenever possible. Home insurance for a holiday home covers both the building and its contents when you are visiting it and when it is empty. You can tailor your holiday home insurance to your needs, as you can choose the coverage and deductibles.

Holiday home insurance compensates losses caused by, for example, burglary, fire or storms. If your holiday home has an air source heat pump or running water, we also recommend cover against machine breakage and pipeline leakage.

Insuring movable property in your holiday home also covers, for example, outboard motors of at most 5hp up to a total value of 1,500 euros.

What type of insurance should I take out for a holiday home?

Holiday home insurance always provides cover for your holiday home based on its actual value, as well as the information and floor area of the holiday home. The same insurance also provides cover for outbuildings and wells on the property. The insurance covers all outbuildings of no more than 12 square metres up to a total value of EUR 7,000.

Insure the sauna and other buildings in the yard, too

Most cottages also have a sauna, and a range of other buildings. A sauna building will always need insurance of its own. Other buildings in the yard must be insured separately when their floor area is more than 12 square metres or their value more than 7,000 euros.

Home insurance for a holiday home covers automatically for up to 7,000 euros any root cellars of a maximum of 12 square metres, open shelters and light-weight buildings and other ordinary fixed structures, such as a fence and a flagpole. You can insure the movable property of buildings on the yard of a cottage as the movable property of the main building, i.e. the cottage. However, make sure that the maximum compensation for the movable property of the main building is sufficient to cover the entire movable property on the yard.

A summer cottage or holiday home may attract some uninvited visitors. Holiday home insurance will cover you against burglary and theft.

Päivi Sivupuro Loss assessment expert, Pohjola Insurance

Keep your holiday home insurance up to date

Remember to update your holiday home insurance if, for example, you buy new things for it, and as a result the maximum compensation you chose is not enough. Whatever the value of your property, remember to store it properly, and never leave it in your car or tent, for example, without supervision.

Your holiday home insurance needs updating also if you build a closed veranda or closed glass terrace, because they increase the total floor area. Total floor area refers to the floor area calculated in the basis of the building’s exterior dimensions, and this must always be up to date for your insurance. The floor area is calculated separately for each floor and added up.

We utilise an automated decision-making process in insurance decisions. Read more about automated decision-making


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Rowing boats are compensated under Myhome Insurance for up to 1,500 euros. With the small boat insurance you will get cover for a more expensive boat and an outboard motor up to 20 hp. You can insure a bigger boat with an outboard motor bigger than 20 hp with the boat insurance.
As a Pohjola Insurance prime customer you will receive discounts benefits. When you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you have access to even better benefits and discounts and the bonuses you have received as an owner-customer are used for your insurance premiums.

The product details on this page apply to the presently offered MyHome home insurance. The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

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