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Your detached house is always insured for its true value, as our insurance takes into account the floor area and the building’s features. You do not need to determine the building’s value when taking out an insurance for a detached house as we will only assess it if a loss occurs.


We also cover the costs of temporary housing

If your home becomes unlivable due to a coverable loss, such as fire or water damage, you will be compensated for the additional costs of temporary housing. No additional deductible will be charged for the compensation - you only pay the deductible for the original loss.


Owner-customer’s deductible benefit EUR 250

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you get a deductible benefit of up to EUR 250 for coverable losses arising from fire, natural phenomena or crime, lowering your deductible to as little as EUR 0. As an owner-customer, you also get discounts and earn OP bonuses from insurance policies.


Nearly 70,000 indemnified home losses each year

We cover your home against small and large losses. Our home insurance indemnifies nearly 70,000 losses each year.

Change your Pohjola Home Insurance to a new address

You can easily update your insurance policies by logging into www.op.fi and changing the place of insurance of your current policy.

Home insurance to meet your needs

Whether the loss at home is big or small, it is a nuisance and often causes extra expenses. A home insurance for a detached house covers both the building and your home contents in case of, for example, a sudden leakage loss, burglary or fire. You can tailor your home insurance to your needs, as you can choose the coverage and deductibles. You will get an Extended Home Insurance from your home insurance by including all covers we offer. 

You can also take out home insurance for a detached house that is still under construction, based on the details of the house once completed. In such a case, enter the year when construction began as the year of construction. Please note that when building or renovating, your deductible is always at least 1,000 euros in all losses. Remember to also make sure that you have the required building or renovation permits. We do not cover losses to buildings, structures or parts of a flat that have been constructed without the permit required by law or in violation of the permit. If you live in a separate house, that is, a detached house owned by a housing company, insure your movable property and fixtures and fittings. 

Insurance companies pay out compensation equalling about one hundred leakage incidents per day.

Insurance also for garage and other buildings in the yard

Many detached houses also have a garage or storage building in the yard. Buildings in the yard must be insured separately when their floor area is more than 12 square metres or their value more than 7,000 euros. A sauna building, on the other hand, will always need insurance of its own.

Home insurance for a detached house automatically covers root cellars and sheds of an area up to 12 square metres as well as other ordinary fixed structures on the yard area, such as fences and flagpoles, up to the sum of 7,000 euros. You can insure the movable property of buildings on the yard of a detached house as the main building’s movable property. However, remember to make sure that the maximum compensation for the movable property of the main building, i.e. the detached house, is sufficient to cover the entire movable property on the yard.

General liability and legal expenses insurance included in your home insurance

It may happen that you or your family member causes losses or injuries to other people or their property by accident. Fortunately general liability insurance included under your detached house’s home insurance provides compensation if you cause loss to others for which you are by law liable. General liability insurance compensates when, for example, your child scratches a neighbour’s car with his or her bike, or your dog bites a passer-by. 

Which factors affect the price of home insurance for a detached house?

The price of home insurance for a detached house is calculated based on your home and your personal information. Your chosen deductibles and cover also affect the price. You can easily compare prices and the cover recommended for your home in our online store.

Legal expenses insurance, included in the home insurance of a detached house, is available if you need to make a claim for costs of legal assistance related disputed and non-contentious civil cases and criminal cases. If is important that you make sure your legal expenses insurance continues uninterrupted when you move house or change insurance companies.

We utilise an automated decision-making process in insurance decisions. Read more about automated decision-making


In most cases, we compensate home contents for up to 5,000 euros when they are temporarily outside your home.

We compensate home contents up to 1,000 euros if they are stolen from, for example, your car, trailer, boat or tent that is in the yard of your home, place of study or holiday home or a straight-line distance of 50 km from them.

If you have valuable jewellery, instruments or a camera with objectives, their value may easily exceed the 5,000 euro limit. If this is the case, your best choice is to insure important items with Valuables Insurance.

As a Pohjola Insurance prime customer you will receive discounts benefits. When you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you have access to even better benefits and discounts and the bonuses you have received as an owner-customer are used for your insurance premiums.

The product details on this page apply to the presently offered MyHome home insurance. The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

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