Nainen on lennolla yrityksen matkavakuutus turvanaan.

Corporate Travel Insurance

A cost-effective way of preparing for surprising damages with employees travelling abroad.

Comprehensive insurance coverage for your travelling personnel

In addition to medical treatment expenses, our insurance covers medical transport of the insured to their homeland or country of secondment, as well as compensation for travel and accommodation costs caused by a sudden natural catastrophe.


24h Travel Emergency Service

If you suddenly fall ill or get injured abroad, you will get personal support and advice on the selection of a reliable physician or hospital. You can also handle payment commitment matters at tel. + 358 102 530 011.


Our medical partners support your recovery

In Finland, and after a trip abroad, our medical partners offer excellent care and help you to a speedy recovery.

Corporate Travel Cover for you and the employees of your company

Damage and injuries occurring abroad can get surprisingly expensive, so it makes good sense to deal proactively with the risks. Travel insurance covers your personnel against risks during business trips and secondments – both during journeys and immediately before and after them.

If one of your employees falls ill or gets injured abroad, our extensive service network guarantees quick and reliable assistance. Our Travel Emergency Service provides expert advice, e.g. on finding the nearest reliable medical clinic. The Travel Emergency Service also assists you in matters relating to invoicing. Be prepared to pay the costs initially, and then apply for compensation at the service. Visit Pohjola Claim Help to find our partner doctors close to you, whether you are in Finland or abroad.

Our travel insurance is suitable for Finnish companies, associations and organisations. You can take the insurance for your entire staff or for specified groups of employees. Travel insurance can also be a perk that helps commit your employees to your company.

Corporate Travel Insurance supplements the statutory workers' compensation insurance, which does not cover travel illness during a business trip.

What does the corporate Traveller's insurance cover?

From the company’s point of view, the best travel insurance is one that can be adopted to the needs of the travelling staff.

  • Our Traveller’s insurance covers medical treatment expenses caused by travel illness and travel injury with no upper limit in euros.
  • If the insured person is seriously ill or injured, we apply the Consequential Loss Cover to cover the medical transport of the employee to their home country or secondment country, and the travel and accommodation expenses of a replacement
  • The evacuation cover includes extra travel and accommodation costs incurred by a natural catastrophe or act of terror.
  • Besides travel and accommodation costs, catastrophe cover also includes transport costs for movable property incurred, e.g. by an extensive forest fire or explosion.

You can also complement your traveller’s insurance with

  • Cover for Cancellation and Missed or Delayed Departure
  • Cover for Daily Allowance, Disability and Death,
  • and cover for Assault, Abduction and Crisis Therapy.

During secondment travel for your company, you need long-term coverage

An employee setting out on a secondment trip needs better insurance coverage than one on a shorter business trip. Secondment is based upon an agreement with the employer concerning a long stint of work abroad. The Secondment insurance is valid continuously during the employee’s stay abroad. It also covers holiday travel and short visits to Finland during the secondment. The insurance cover may also be extended to the family of the insured employee.

Secondment travel insurance can be extended to cover health care during the secondment period. Costs for health care include, among other things, annual medical checkups, inoculations, basic dental checkups and routine periodical checkups for children. Secondment insurance policies are tailored to the needs of your personnel. 

Be sure to insure your luggage as well

You should complement your travel insurance with luggage insurance to have your own and your employer’s property insured during your trip. We will cover the damage if your computer is stolen, your phone breaks down, or your luggage does not get on your connecting flight. The insurance can be personal or cover the entire family. Payment instruments and securities represent an optional extra cover.

We also recommend the optional Travel Liability and legal expenses travel insurance. The Travel Liability insurance is very useful if, e.g. one of your employees causes personal injury or material damage to a third party while being legally liable in the matter. Legal expenses travel insurance, on the other hand, helps you with legal expenses related to disputed civil cases, criminal cases or non-contentious civil cases.

Please contact our experts whenever you need further information on our travel insurance alternatives.

Nainen selaa puhelinta ja tutustuu digitaaliseen työntekijän vakuutuskorttiin.
The Employee insurance card
The Employee insurance card is a service that presents an employee’s most important insurance coverage in a single place.

Before setting out on a business trip, please call us to find out the exact extent of your insurance cover.

Assistance during a trip

If you get ill or injured during a trip, you will find information on the medical partner closest to you, and more detailed instructions at Claim Help at the website, on the OP's Mobile apps, and on the Digital insurance card.

You also get help in the event of injury or illness while abroad via our 24h Travel Emergency Service (+358 10 253 0011). If you require hospital care, an operation or expensive examinations, you must first contact the Travel Emergency Service to arrange payment commitment.

Business travel with family?

You can buy fixed-term or continuous Private Customer travel insurance for your children and spouse. You can buy these policies conveniently in our webshop.

If you enjoy a few days of leisure during a business trip, be sure to have them covered as well. Corporate Travel Cover covers seven (7) leisure days taken in connection with a business trip.

For longer periods of leisure, it’s a good idea to buy Private Customer travel insurance, available through our web service.

Travel insurance is not valid in risky activities, competitive sports or practicing for competitive sports. You can, however, usually render the insurance valid for such a situation through a separate agreement and payment.

However, other sports and conditioning is covered by travel insurance, meaning you can participate in a running event in a non-competitive category or work out at the hotel gym.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.