Mies ajaa taksia asiakas kyydissään tyytyväisenä siitä, että hänellä on taksivakuutus turvanaan.

Taxi insurance

Insurance for your taxi with the coverage you need. Leave your contact information to receive our recommended insurance solution for your taxi.

Taxi insurance for your protection

Whether you have taxi experience or are just starting out, we offer insurance that matches your needs. We can help you choose the best taxi insurance for your business.

The best experts at your service

We are a leading commercial transport insurance provider. We understand the realities of commercial transport and ensure that your wheels keep turning despite a loss.

Instant help in case of accident

Find instructions on what to do in case of a loss and our nearest repair shop partners in Pohjola Claim Help. In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and in Turku, Tampere and Oulu, you are assisted by our partners’ Pohjola Repair Advisors, who will repair your taxi and file the loss report for you.

Taxi insurance helps in accidents

Traffic accidents big and small happen on a daily basis. If your taxi is involved in a collision, for example, your business may be severely impacted. Comprehensive taxi insurance is important from the first day of launching your business.

By properly insuring your company and taxi, you can focus on continuing business, even in the event of an accident. We will compensate losses and sort out various liability and indemnity issues for you. 

What does taxi insurance cover?

Statutory motor liability insurance for a taxi covers personal injuries sustained in a traffic accident and damage caused to the innocent party's vehicle and property. Voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers loss or damage to your company’s vehicle when the loss or damage is caused by you or the guilty party is unclear.

You can choose the scope of your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for taxis, in other words the losses or damage you want your insurance to cover.

  • Maxi Motor Insurance covers collisions and includes fire, animal, vandalism, theft, legal expenses and emergency road service insurance.
  • The more limited Medium Motor Insurance excludes collisions.

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance additional cover enables you to customise the insurance to the risks in your specific sector. You should insure yourself against business interruption, windscreen breakage and towing, for example.

If you only drive a taxi occasionally, please note that insurance for a vehicle in private use is not sufficient for driving a taxi, which requires a licence.

Commercial Transport Extra Property – insurance and liability insurance for taxis in one package

We recommend supplementing your taxi insurance with Commercial Transport Extra. It is an insurance package tailored for taxi businesses to cover movable property and business operations. It covers costs such as your payment terminal, taxi meter or phone breaking down and dirt and damage to your car’s interior.

You are also insured against liability if your taxi business causes personal injuries or property damage. For example, a taxi driver may, when driving a customer home, cause the customer to fall and be injured. The insurance covers damage to third parties for which you are held liable under law. The maximum compensation in liability losses is one million euros. 

The insurance also includes crisis insurance, which offers protection in the event of road accidents, assault or robbery. It covers acute crisis therapy to make it easier to return to work and continue running your business.

What kinds of mandatory insurance are there for taxi businesses?

Your vehicle must have motor liability insurance:

  • Motor liability insurance is required by law and covers personal injuries of all parties in an road accident.
  • Motor liability insurance also covers damage to the other party’s vehicle and property.

Self-employed persons’ pension insurance (YEL) is mandatory for nearly all entrepreneurs. It secures your income in different life situations:

  • Remember to keep the earned income of your YEL insurance up-to-date, as it is used to calculate your daily allowance should you fall ill, for example.
  • Pohjola Insurance offers YEL insurance through our partner Ilmarinen.

Learn more about YEL insurance 

If you hire employees for your company, in most cases you are obliged to provide them with workers' compensation insurance, employee pension insurance (TyEL) as well as employees’ group life insurance.

Learn more about workers' compensation insurance 

As a taxi entrepreneur, your own work input will be crucial for your company’s success. Comprehensive personal insurance will enable you to get quick treatment and ensure a speedy recovery to get back to work following an accident, for example.

Whether you are an experienced taxi entrepreneur or just starting out, we are happy to go over your insurance needs and help you choose a suitable taxi insurance policy and other insurance for your business. Leave your contact information to receive a quote for taxi insurance!

Operating a passenger car is subject to licence when it is used to transport people or goods against payment. Using your own car even occasionally for taxi operations always requires that the car is registered for the licenced operation. This means that you will also need motor liability insurance for taxi operations. The mandatory insurance can be supplemented with comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

Yes. Operating a passenger car is always subject to licence when it is used to transport people or goods against payment.

The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.