Insurance services for businesses

Pohjola Insurance provides you with various digital services that make it easier for you to manage your insurance transactions and make your work smoother.

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Verkkopalvelu yritysvakuutuksille_kuva
The service for corporate insurance customers
Manage your insurance transactions 24/7 in
Digitaalinen vakuutuskortti työntekijöille_kuva
Digital insurance card
The digital insurance card is a service that presents an employee’s most important insurance coverage in a single place, and provides advice to employees in case of illness or accident
Riskiehnallintapalvelu yrityksille_kuva
Pohjola Risk Management Service
Tool for the entire work community to improve occupational safety and speed up the flow of information.
Pohjola Terveysmestari yrityksille kuva
Health advice over the phone
Pohjola Hospital experts help you wherever you may be. Get in touch using the application’s chat feature or call 0100 5225.