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Handle your company’s insurance matters online

At op.fi, you can easily and securely manage all your company's insurance transactions whenever you choose.

Electronic service available 24/7

Easy-to-use service that you can use on a computer, tablet and smartphone, whenever it suits you best.


Handle insurance matters with ease

Speed up your insurance services by reporting losses, sending messages, and printing out certificates of insurance at op.fi.


Send messages securely via the online service

You can safely send messages to Pohjola Insurance via the online service outside the service hours, 24/7.

​What can OP eServices be used for?

Services available to you include:
  • Filing loss reports
  • Printing out certificates of insurance
  • Ordering and printing Green Cards for your company’s vehicles
  • Printing travel insurance certificates for visa applications

Sign the Agreement for Digital Transactions

Speed up your claims and insurance services by signing a Corporate Agreement for Digital Transactions and begin using the op.fi service. This page has more information about insurance services that you can easily manage yourself online. As a new user of our digital insurance services, you can sign the Agreement for Digital Transactions on this page.

If your company already has an eInsurance Services Agreement, you need to activate the new Agreement for Digital Transactions. By signing the new agreement, you get access to our new insurance services and more versatile access rights management for your company. To renew the agreement, your company’s administrator user needs to log in at op.fi. After logging in, the new agreement can be found on the service’s homepage.

You can manage your company’s banking and insurance services by using either your personal OP Corporate User ID or your OP User ID for personal customers. You can manage insurance matters with any bank’s online banking user identifiers.

Read more about online service user ID


  • View your company’s current policies
  • To print out a confirmation of insurance cover, open the policy breakdown
  • Report changes to employees covered by Health Insurance
  • Issue digital insurance cards to your employees

The Claims Service

The Claims Service is used by Pohjola Insurance’s corporate customers to file insurance claims. Filing claims is easy and fast in the Claims Service.

You can find the Claims Service by logging in at op.fi and selecting a new claim on the Claims page.

If you don’t have access rights to the company’s insurance policies at op.fi, you can file the claim at file-claims.op.fi. We recommend that you always file claims at op.fi if you have access rights to do this, because in this way your company and insurance details are added to the claim report automatically.

Learn more about services and instructions related to claims

Other services and features

At op.fi, you can also view all transactions related to your company’s insurance services and save them as drafts that can be continued later.

The information shown to users depends on their level of access rights. For this reason, different users may see different information.

Statistics to support development of occupational safety

You also get access to an excellent statistics service for occupational accidents and occupational diseases. The statistics give you better insight on the frequency and causes of accidents, for example. They allow you to develop safety at your workplace.

Be sure to check out Pohjola Risk Management Service, which is free for our customers

Organisational units

If your company includes multiple units, you can create organisational units in the op.fi service, which will allow you to target insurance policies and losses, as well as access rights for each unit. Video instructions for creating and editing organisational units, and adding access rights can be found in Pohjola Insurance’s YouTube channel.

Support and incidents

If you have questions about digital insurance services for corporate customers or there is a failure in the service, please call Pohjola Insurance online support at 010 253 6198.

See here for call rates

How to activate the op.fi service

  1. Go online and sign the Corporate Agreement for Digital Transactions. (The agreement can be signed electronically by a person authorised to sign for the company.)
  2. Designate your company’s administrator users and their authorisations. The administrator receives a message at op.fi once their authorisation is enabled.
  3. The administrator can assign other users and grant them access rights to the insurance services they need.

Accounting and real estate management firms can manage both their own insurance services and the services of their clients and housing cooperatives.

In addition to the Agreement for Digital Transactions signed by the insurance customer, the accounting or real estate management firm must sign its own agreement using the form on this page (Sign the Agreement for Digital Transactions). Select Accounting firm as the agreement type if you want to use the agreement to manage insurance transactions for a client company (for the accounting or real estate management firm’s own insurance transactions, select Company as the agreement type).

To manage a client’s insurance transactions, the accounting or real estate management firm also needs the client’s authorisation shown below.

If you use op.fi to manage insurance services for several companies, you can select the company after logging in. You can manage several companies’ insurance with one login by changing your customer role. At op.fi, you can manage banking and insurance services for companies by logging in using either your personal OP Corporate User ID or your OP User ID for personal customers. You can manage insurance matters with any bank’s online banking user identifiers.

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Digital insurance card
The digital insurance card is a service that presents an employee’s most important insurance coverage in a single place, and provides advice to employees in case of illness or accident