Foreign exchange trading services

With OP's extensive range of foreign exchange trading services, you will make international trade smooth and manage currency risks

Perform online foreign exchange transactions on a real time basis

OP's electronic forex trading services bring flexibility to your daily business. Do forex trading online in various currencies and hedge against currency risks – all in real time.


Hedge against exchange rate movements

When your company is doing business internationally, exchange rate movements can have big impacts on its finances. Hedging against these impacts is easy with OP’s electronic foreign exchange trading services.


Do more international business

You can gain more opportunities to do business abroad by buying and selling in the local currency. If you import or export, this can help you to price your goods and services competitively and to expand your business networks.

Tools for smart forex trading in line with your company's needs

Companies are not always able or willing to negotiate contracts in their domestic currency – such cases call for foreign exchange trading. Most cases of forex trading involve continuous business done abroad, but it can also be needed for individual acquisitions or investments.

If your company needs to engage in foreign exchange trading, OP’s electronic services enable smooth business transactions regardless of time and location. We offer a wide range of currency pairs to make international business transactions easier. Our electronic foreign exchange trading services are part of our wide range of products for exchange-rate hedging.

OP FX Manager provides basic features for executing regular forex transactions. In the service, you can execute forex transactions between currency accounts, as well as currency hedges for your company's needs.

With OP FX Manager, continuous trading and currency risk management are easy for companies with regular foreign exchange trading or a large number of transactions.  You can transfer a large number of forex transactions to the service in one go. With the service, you can also optimise the foreign exchange transactions you need and react to changes in exchange rates according to your company's hedging policy.

You can do single foreign exchange transactions with your OP cooperative bank.

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Currency hedging guarantees peaceful nights

Currency market exchange rates are affected by factors such as the real economy’s performance, business needs, interest rates and central bank interventions. Exchange rates can be sensitive to matters such as interest rate changes by central banks. To stay profitable and competitive, a company must react to exchange rate movements.

With OP's smart foreign exchange trading tools, forex transactions are easy. You can use a range of currency hedging products for effective hedging against currency risks. Our most popular hedging product is forward exchange contracts, which you can use to fix the exchange rate of a business transaction. You can also use various currency options to hedge against exchange-rate risks. Currency swaps allow you to time your foreign-currency cash flows. We can also customise hedging solutions for your company.

OP's expert will always be there to help you in forex trading

Whether your company's need for forex transactions is small or big, please first contact your own OP cooperative bank so that you can get off to a good start. Our experts are pleased to help you both in one-off forex transactions and complicated currency hedging.

The service is provided by OP Corporate Bank plc.