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Electronic foreign exchange trading services

Do foreign exchange transactions online using OP's smart foreign exchange trading tools.

Optimum tools for your company's foreign exchange trading needs

Our electronic foreign exchange trading services facilitates and speed up your company's foreign trade. You can transfer your company's forex trading to the real-time forex trading service enabling you to do your company's foreign exchange transactions and currency hedging online with all of the most tradable currencies, whenever and wherever you are.

The easy-to-use and flexible system can be fully tailored to your company's needs.

OP FX Manager for continuous foreign exchange trading

OP FX Manager is a modern forex trading service for companies with continuous foreign exchange transactions. In the case of a large number of transactions, you can transfer your own material to the service in one go. With OP FX Manager, you can also optimise your foreign exchange transactions and hedge against changes in exchange rates according to your company's hedging policy.

OP eFX for regular, individual forex transactions

On the OP eFX service, you can do your company’s individual forex transactions for outgoing international payments. In addition, you can do transactions between currency accounts while hedging your company's assets against currency risks.

Each forex transaction that you make will be filed in the service, and you can browse your company’s trading history anytime.

Single currency exchange

If your company has no regular international payments, the easiest and fastest way to exchange currency is to do it at your own OP cooperative bank. Our experts are there to help you in all matters related to international payments.

OP Konsernitili näyttää euromääräiset ja muiden valuuttojen tilit samassa näkymässä.
OP Cash Pool Account
The OP Cash Pool Account is a total solution for your company’s liquidity management and it includes an orderly view for easy monitoring of euro and non-euro accounts.
The service is provided by OP Corporate Bank plc.