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Service provider mandate for API solutions

Service providers can now manage a company’s payment transfers easily and in real-time.

Modern and effortless payment transfers

OP Corporate Banking APIs enable companies to initiate payments and retrieve account data directly from their systems in a modern fashion.

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With a service provider mandate, the account holder company authorises another company to manage the company’s machine-readable payment transfers using APIs. The service provider can be an accounting firm or software supplier, for instance.

The principle is essentially the same as with a bank connection authorisation, but is based on our API products instead of the Web Services channel.

Managing mandates is easy – no forms, no waiting

A service provider mandate is made on the OP API Admin pages, and it enters into force immediately. Registration and concluding or amending an agreement does not require you to contact our Customer Service, as the process is entirely self-service-based.

As a customer, you also do not need to have an understanding of the technical functionalities of APIs, as your service provider will take care of the technical issues. For service providers, we offer APIs for managing mandates granted to them.

Registration as a service provider

A service provider mandate can only be given to service providers that have been registered on the OP API Admin pages. During registration, a service provider concludes a service provider agreement with their OP cooperative bank. A service provider only needs to register once, after which companies can grant them mandates.

Mandating a service provider

A company can authorise their service provider by concluding an API agreement and labelling it “For use by the service provider”. The service provider is identified by their Business ID.

If a service provider has not yet been registered on the OP API Admin, you will be notified of it when concluding an agreement. With mandates received, the service provider can use API products on the company’s behalf. The available API products are those that the company has selected for the agreement it has signed.

How does the service provider mandate work in OP Corporate Bank APIs?


1. Registration

The service provider to be mandated must register on OP API Admin.

2. Mandate

The company concludes a new API agreement and authorises the service provider for its use.

3. Use

The service provider is issued technical IDs and begins use of the API solutions.