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Make your operations more effective with our API solutions

Automated payments for today’s needs with real-time solutions

You can use OP Corporate Banking APIs to make your financial management more real time, with payments and account data closely serving your business operations. Choose the products that suit your business.

About 40 000 API calls a day

Payments transferred to 30 countries

Largest payment 10 million euros

Real-time payment settlements

Credit transfers move from one bank to another in seconds on any day of the year. Stay up to date with your account transactions by using our solutions.

Application programming interfaces can be used to fully automate payment transfers and transaction queries, thereby speeding up your company’s processes involving payment settlements and monitoring of receivables.

  • OP Corporate Account Data API enables you to view an up-to-date account balance in your company’s software and retrieve account transactions whenever you need them.
  • OP Corporate Payment API enables your company’s software to initiate SEPA transfers or instant payments from the company’s account immediately. 

Information to support operations

Often, customers are quicker than financial management, and real-time account transaction data would be necessary in, for example, customer service, sales or logistics.

With our APIs, you can easily connect banking services seamlessly to your business processes, in any system you want.

  • OP Corporate Transaction Filter API allows you to use filters, such as the reference number, amount or payer’s name, and search for account transactions for a number of business needs, such as for customer service applications.

Investigate payments quickly

Many companies often receive incorrect or otherwise unknown payments which cannot be balanced with receivables. Automating the process with the help of the interface simplifies and speeds up the investigation and refunding of incorrect and unknown payments.

  • With OP Corporate Transaction Info API, a company can ask for further information on a payment to make its identification easier. The customer can find the unclear transaction’s payer’s name and address from the interface with the filing code.

  • OP Corporate Refund API lets your company’s software refund payments based on the details of the original received payment. To perform the refund, you do not need to find out the original payer’s account number, as OP will forward the payment to the correct recipient. 

How can you set up APIs?

1. Set a target

Think and plan how the APIs can best support your business.

2. Build

It is time to ask developers to help you, if you haven’t yet. We provide sandbox and developer support.

3. Conclude an agreement

The agreement on which services to use is made completely through self-service.

4. Enjoy the benefits

Use interfaces in your everyday life and enjoy the benefits.


Guide for the automation of payments

We put together a practical guide to help you plan and get started with our API products.

"An API is cut out for handling received payments. The fast processing also gives an impression of reliable service to the customer." – Rauli Arjatsalo, Mediadrive Oy

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Our interfaces are easy to use

Machine-readable banking services need not be some dark art. 

Developers know the JSON-format REST APIs. We have extensive documentation on our API solutions and examples openly available on the OP Developer site, making implementation easy and smooth.

  • Because the authentication of the API user is based on machine-coded credentials, you can automate the use of APIs entirely. Identification is based on the OAuth 2.0 credentials and mTLS certificates.

  • You don’t need special operating licences to use our interfaces.

The modern solutions allow you to integrate banking services exactly where your business needs them. Whether it is for the financial management, customer service, production line or warehouse.

"As software experts, we are already familiar with interfaces in our own products, so it felt natural to use OP's API interface for payments too." – Petteri Tolonen, Tolotech Oy

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Simple agreements for API solutions

When your business is ready to use API solutions in production, the last step is to agree on their usage with the bank. Concluding an agreement is easy, and you do it completely as a self-service.

  • Electronic agreement

  • Pay only for the services you have selected

  • Clear pricing

  • You can also manage the agreements later as a self-service

With a service provider mandate, you can also authorise your service provider to manage your company's payment transfers using our API solutions. Read more about mandating a service provider >


"Adopting the service was quick and easy and the examples were good. I couldn't believe how quickly it went." – Joni Nygård, Lasi Nygård Ky

Use APIs in your everyday life and enjoy the benefits


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