Right now: phishing messages are being sent under company names – do not click on the links in the messages

Crooks are sending SMSes; using company names, the messages urge recipients to call a service number immediately. If you call the number, and click on the link in the SMS that arrives during the call, a criminal will install malware on your phone.

A scam is under way at the moment, based on which a criminal is sending SMSes under the name of OP and other companies. The messages urge the recipient to call a service number immediately. A final demand for payment or suspicious account transactions may be given as the reason.

If you call the number, you will receive instructions on downloading so-called antivirus software to your phone. A link for the download will be sent in a new SMS during the phone call.

In fact, the link leads to malware which the criminal can use to take control of the phone, even if its screen is locked. The malware gives the criminal access to all apps and messages on the phone.
These scam attempts are aimed at all users of Android phones.

Go to the service provider's official website to check the correct customer service numbers. OP Financial Group's Customer Service numbers are listed on the op.fi service.

Examples of how the hoax messages look



What should I do?

  • If you receive an SMS referring to final demands for payment or suspicious account transactions, do not call the telephone number given in the SMS. Do not click on any links included in SMSes of this kind.
  • Remember that no legitimate service provider would ever contact you and offer to install data security software or other apps on your phone.
  • Never install apps on an Android phone that come from any source except the official Google Play. Make sure that the Google Play Protect setting is switched on in your phone. Instructions on how to check the setting are available in this article by Google
  • If a service provider seems to have contacted you, go to its official website to check the correct customer service number


If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud

If you have called a number given in an SMS and downloaded software onto your phone, do not use the phone to log into your online bank.

Deactivate your OP user ID by calling 0100 0500 (personal customers) or 0100 05151 (corporate customers). Our Customer Service is open on Mon–Fri, 8.00–16.00. Outside these times, call OP’s Deactivation Service on 0100 0555; this service is open 24/7. Be sure also to call Customer Service during service hours to report the incident.

This is how our messages differ from scam messages

In addition, banks or authorities never call and ask customers to give their online user IDs, make payments or install an app on their phone.

We will never send you messages with a link to the online bank’s login page. Your bank will never ask you about your user ID or card details through messages. Such messages are scams – do not click on the links in the messages.

Even when receiving or cancelling a payment, you do not need to log in via a link, confirm with codes, or give your details. If you are asked to do this, contact the bank's Customer Service.

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