Is your company's KYC information up to date?

Your company's information must be up to date, so that we can serve your company as safely and conveniently as possible. Incomplete information may lead to restricting services. Updating information is easy at

How to update information

Your company's information can be updated at The information can be entered by a person with the right to represent your company, such as the right to sign for the company. You can log into the service with OP's or another bank's user ID.

What if the company's details are not updated?

If the company's information is not updated, the bank may restrict the use of    services – preventing the use of accounts, for example. 

Why do we ask?

Legislation requires us to have adequate, up-to-date information about our customers. With up-to-date information, we will also be able to serve companies as safely and conveniently as possible. This is why we ask for information regarding company owners and business operations, for example.