Partial demerger of Sampo plc on 1 October 2023

Sampo will separate Mandatum from the Sampo Group through a partial demerger. After the demerger, Sampo will be a pure-play P&C insurer operating in the digital markets in the Nordic countries and the UK.

Sampo’s partial demerger will be implemented as planned on 1 October 2023. In the demerger, Sampo shareholders will receive one new share in Mandatum for each share they own in Sampo.


If you own 20 shares in Sampo, you will receive 20 new shares in Mandatum. The shares you hold in Sampo will remain the same. 

The demerger will not require any action on the part of Sampo shareholders. To receive Mandatum shares through the demerger, investors must have bought their shares in Sampo by 29 September 2023. The expected first day of trading in Mandatum shares on the Nasdaq Helsinki is 2 October 2023. New Mandatum shares will be registered in shareholders’ book-entry accounts on 2 October 2023. 

Mandatum shares do not have a so-called ‘listing price’, which generally refers to the price for which new shareholders can subscribe shares when a company is listed. The share price will be determined by normal trading on the stock exchange. 

Key dates 

  • 29 September 2023 Last day to buy shares in Sampo entitling the shareholder to new Mandatum shares as the demerger consideration  
  • 1 October 2023 Execution of the demerger 
  • 2 October 2023 First date of trading in Sampo shares excluding Mandatum  
  • 2 October 2023 (estimate) Trading in Mandatum shares begins 

Taxation and the determination of the purchase price for taxation purposes 

Receiving shares in Mandatum will not have direct tax implications for shareholders generally liable to pay tax in Finland. Any capital gains (or losses) will be taxed when the shareholder sells the Mandatum shares they received. 

The purchase price of Sampo shares will be split between Sampo and Mandatum. The Tax Administration is expected to issue guidance and to confirm the allocation of the purchase price within two months of the demerger. Sampo and Mandatum shares will be displayed without the purchase price on the service and OP-mobile, until the Tax Administration has confirmed the price split. The purchase price will be automatically updated on our services.

Read more about the partial demerger on Sampo Group’s website: