We will cancel OP Visa cards for security reasons

A payee named Ruums Technologies has made one-euro debits from our customers’ Visa combination cards. We will cancel all affected cards. Customers affected by the incident will get a message and instructions from us via the op.fi service and OP-mobile.

We have discovered false one-euro transactions or attempted transactions on some of our customers’ Visa combination cards. The name of the payee is Ruums Technologies. Not all OP Visa cards are affected – the incident affects around 2,400 cards. 

For security reasons, we will cancel the cards affected by the misuse. We have also blocked any new transactions from this payee. This is not a case of card information leakage but a computerised attempt to find out the numbers of OP combination cards. 

If such payment has been debited from your card, or if there has been such attempt, we will send you a message via the op.fi service and OP-mobile. The message contains information on cancelling your card and receiving a replacement card. We will also send you an SMS about the matter.

If you wish to cancel your card right away or if you have any other concerns about this, please contact our Customer Service by messaging us through our digital services or call us at 010 252 1530 (24/7). The call charge is €0.0835 per call + €0.167 per minute.