Reference generator – reference numbers for bills

With OP’s reference calculator, you can easily create reference numbers for your bills.

What is a reference number?

A reference number is a series of numbers, which makes it easy to connect a received payment with the right bill. It is good practice to use reference numbers since it makes it easier for the bill’s recipient to process the bill. Bills without reference numbers may also cause extra charges.

How does OP’s reference generator work?

OP’s reference calculator creates reference numbers easily and quickly for your company’s bills. 

  1. Enter the desired basic component of the reference (at least 3 digits) to the reference calculator. The basic component can be a customer number or an order number, for example. 
  2. Click Generate reference numbers. You'll get a list of reference numbers that you can use.
  3. Copy the reference numbers or create more strings of reference numbers.

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Give the reference number basis.

Reference number Action
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