Have you moved to Finland? Would you like to become a customer of OP?

This form is for you if you don’t yet have Finnish banking user identifiers

Fill in the form below to start the banking service activation process. The information you provide will be needed when you meet our staff at a bank branch. After you’ve filled in the form, we’ll get in touch to help us prepare for our meeting with you: you’ll need to come to a bank branch and apply in person to properly activate your customer status.


What do you need before sending a completed form?

  • A Finnish personal identity code. To apply for one, register your personal details and address with the Finnish authorities. You can register via the service locations of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (Finnish Digital Agency), at the Finnish Immigration Service or at a local tax office.
  • You must register your Finnish address details with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The address must be for permanent or temporary accommodation, not just a postal address. The Agency may need time to update the address details, so only fill in our form after receiving confirmation that your address details have been registered.
  • A residence permit if you came to Finland from outside the EU. The permit must be valid for over 3 months. If you’re an EU citizen, you must register your right of residence in Finland.
  • A valid personal ID document. This can be a passport, an ID card issued by Finnish authorities after 1 March 1999 or a personal ID document, issued by an authority in the EEA region, Switzerland or San Marino, which is accepted as a travel document. Your personal ID document must be undamaged and you must be easily recognisable from the photo.
  • If you want an online banking user ID for identification, you’ll need a passport or identity card issued by an authority in Finland, another EEA country, Switzerland or San Marino.
  • You must have sufficient funds to pay our service fees. The charge for a current account is 2.50 euros per month. OP's digital services cost about 3.00 euros per month, depending on the bank.
  • You must be aged 18 or over.

You'll find the list of charges and fees for personal customers here

Read about residence permits and EU citizen’s registration (Finnish Immigration Service)

Read about the registration of personal details (Population Information System of the Finnish Digital Agency)

Read about the registration of personal data (Finnish Tax Administration)

What should you attach with the form?

Personal ID document

Your personal ID document can be a copy of a foreign or Finnish passport or Finnish identity card. A residence permit is not acceptable as a personal ID document for the activation of banking services.

Certificate confirming that your residence in Finland is legal

If you arrive from outside the EU, you'll need a residence permit that is valid for more than 3 months. If you are an EU citizen, you'll need a registration certificate of your right of residence. Attach a copy of the certificate to the form.

Proof of employment or student status

If you came to Finland to work, attach a copy of your employment contract. If you came to Finland to study, we’ll need proof of your student status. Other reasons for coming to Finland could be family ties in Finland or remigration, for example.

Documents on the source of funds to be deposited into the account

We’ll ask you about the source of your funds. The bank is obliged to do so in the case of cash deposits and credit transfers. For this, we’ll need documentation such as a copy of your account transactions with your current bank over the last three months, or receipts or a deed of sale.

The attachments must be in Finnish, Swedish or English. Copies you attach to the application can be photos of the original documents, taken with a phone. The permitted file formats are PDF, JPG, JPEG and GIF. If you send PDFs, they must not include links. The maximum size of one file is 4 megabytes (MB). Check that the information in the photos is easy to read.

Fill in the form carefully. When we have received your information, we’ll contact you within five weekdays and book an appointment to meet you at an OP branch, where we’ll discuss your needs.

Sending additional information

If we ask you to send additional information about the form you filled in, use the link shown below.

Send additional information

Do you already have user identifiers with another bank and are a citizen of another EEA country?

You can activate banking services with OP digitally. 

Become an OP customer online

If you're not a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA), but you already have an account and user identifiers with another Finnish bank, please book an appointment.

I can’t fill in the application online. What should I do?

Book an appointment at an OP branch. Print and fill in the required forms and bring them to the meeting with you.


For more information on how we process personal data, see the Privacy Notice in OP Financial Group cooperative bank’s customer data file.