Did you move to Finland and want to become our customer? Join our pilot!

In our pilot project, you’ll fill in a form with the required information before the meeting at bank branch. This way, we’ll be better prepared for the meeting and you can become our customer faster. You must come to a bank branch to apply for and activate your actual customer relationship.

You can participate in the pilot project if you want to become a customer with one of these banks: OP Uusimaa, OP Tampere, OP Oulu, OP Turun Seutu or OP Pohjois-Savo.

Our service is busy due to an increase in the number of applications, and processing times may be longer than indicated. We apologise for the delay.

What do you need before sending a completed form?

  • A Finnish personal ID code. To apply for it, register your personal data and address to Finnish authorities. You can register in the service locations of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (Finnish Digital Agency), in the Finnish Immigration Service or at local tax offices.
  • You must register your Finnish address details with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The Agency may need time to update the address details, so only fill in the form after receiving confirmation that your address details have been registered.
  • A residence permit if you came to Finland from outside the EU. If you’re an EU citizen, you must register your right of residence in Finland.
  • A valid personal ID document. It can be a passport, an ID card issued by Finnish authorities after 1 March 1999 or a personal ID document issued by an authority in the EEA region, Switzerland or San Marino that is accepted as a travel document. Your personal ID document must be undamaged and you need to be easily recognised from the photo.
  • You must be aged 18 or over.
  • We need a copy of your personal ID document. It can be a copy of a foreign or Finnish passport or Finnish ID card. A residence permit is not accepted as a personal ID document for activating banking services. If you add a foreign passport or identity card, you must also add proof that you have a Finnish personal ID code (that is a residence permit, an extract from the population register or the Tax Administration’s form Registration information on a foreigner staying in Finland temporarily).
  • If you came to Finland to work or study, we also need proof of your employment or student status. Other reasons for arriving can include family ties in Finland or remigration. Make sure that the attachments are in either Finnish, Swedish or English.
  • The copies you add in the application can be photos of the original documents taken with a phone. The permitted file formats are PDF, JPG, JPEG and GIF. PDFs can’t include links. The maximum size of one file is 1 megabyte (MB). Check that the information in the photos is easy to read.
  • Fill in the form carefully. When we have received it, we’ll call you within 10 banking days and book you an appointment at an OP branch. At the branch, we’ll activate the services you need for you. If we request additional information, such as information on the source or purpose of funds, you should send it using secure email.

I can’t fill in the application online. What should I do?

If you would like to become a customer with a bank branch not involved in the pilot, book an appointment at the branch, fill in and print out the required forms, and take them with you.


For more information on how we process personal data, see the Privacy Notice in OP Financial Group cooperative bank’s customer data file.