IBAN calculator and IBAN converter

With the IBAN calculator you can convert national account numbers in the old BBAN format into the international IBAN format. When you pay a bill on the op.fi service, the automatic converter changes the old account number into IBAN format.

The IBAN converter is part of the payment service

You do not need the IBAN converter when making payments at op.fi. If you only know the account number in the old format, for example 500094-20028730, you can use it as the payee’s account number and the account number will be converted into the IBAN format FI49 5000 9420 0287 30.

By using the account number in IBAN format, you can continue paying your bill.

This is how the IBAN converter works at op.fi

  1. Start a new payment as usual.
  2. Enter the payee’s account number in national format.
  3. Select that it is a national account number.
  4. The converter then gives the account number in IBAN format.
  5. Copy the IBAN and paste it in the field for the payee's account number.
  6. BIC is automatically generated on the basis of IBAN.

Converting from BBAN into IBAN

IBAN is the international format that has replaced the BBAN format. BIC is used in connection with IBAN.