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Shopping around for insurance – what you should keep in mind

Is your current insurance cover the best fit for you? Are you wondering about the protection afforded by your policies, the premium you pay or the claims settlement you receive when a loss occurs? Shopping around for insurance is a great way to get a perspective on the suitability of your current insurance for your life situation. Ask us for an insurance quote and get an offer for all the insurance policies you need in one go!

If you decide to shop around for insurance, we would recommend paying attention to several features of the policy:

1. The covers, amount of compensation and deductibles contained in the policies

The most important property of an insurance is that it meets your needs. The contents of insurance policies are often different, depending on the insurance company. This is why, when shopping around for insurance, it is important to pay attention, first and foremost, to the covers included in the policies, the amount of compensation of the covers as well as the deductible payable in case of a loss.

2. The convenience of using claims settlement and loss transactions in case of a loss

Insurance is for when a loss occurs. When a loss occurs, it is important that help is at hand and that you can take care of the loss transaction as soon as possible. So pay attention to any services that may facilitate the use of the claims services – they may vary from one insurance company to another.

3. The ease of using insurance services – branch, online or mobile?

When comparing policies, it is also good to take note of the online and mobile services that make the use of the services easier. The ease of use is important because using insurance services is not simply a matter of buying insurance and managing compensation situations. It also involves other things, such as updating your insurance information, changing the object of insurance or ordering certificates of insurance.

4. Premium

When the insurance cover fits your life situation and the insurance services meet your requirements, another good thing to do when comparing policies is to pay attention to the premium. Keep in mind that as a loyal Pohjola Insurance customer and OP cooperative bank’s owner-customer, you will receive discounts and benefits for most of your policies.

Switching your insurance company to Pohjola Insurance is easy

If you are currently insured at another provider than Pohjola Insurance, you can shop around and switch providers easily by leaving us a request for a quote. Our experts will get in touch with you within a few weekdays.

Switching insurance companies during an insurance period

Did you know that switching insurance companies is possible at any time, even during an insurance period? If you have already paid your premiums for the current insurance period, any premiums paid for the remaining insurance period will be refunded to you.