Motorcycle insurance

Insurance for motorcycling.

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Rewarding motor liability insurance for motorcycles

Up to 40% motor liability insurance starting bonus for a new rider. More experienced riders, on the other hand, get a maximum bonus of 80% and bonus cover against bonus reduction. 


Protect your bike with comprehensive motor vehicle insurance

The comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for a motorcycle covers your bike, for example, against collision, vandalism or damage sustained while parking.


Seasonally rated insurance

Motorcycle insurance premiums are seasonally rated. The insurance is always valid but you pay less for the winter months without having to resort to decommissioning.


Our loyal customers also get a discount for this insurance

As our loyal customer, you will get a continuous 7% discount on the premium of your motorcycle insurance. The discount also applies to your home and property insurance as well as many personal insurances, also including your continuous travel insurance policies.

Motorcycle insurance discount for prime customers

When you are a Pohjola Insurance prime customer, you receive a discount on our motorcycle insurance. Learn more about the discounts and benefits of our prime customers and request an offer of multiple insurance policies conveniently online.

Motorcycle insurance will provide cover for both your and your motorcycle

You must take out motor liability insurance for your motorcycle, but we also recommend comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, because it compensates damage caused to your motorcycle. There are several types of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance to choose from.

Whether you have a motorcycle or a light motorcycle, you should think which is the best insurance just for you. Our online store lets you easily compare motorcycle insurance policies, and you can instantly check the price of your chosen insurance with our calculator.

Both Maxi Motor Insurance and Medium Motor Insurance, for example, compensate for motorcycle theft. Maxi Motor Insurance, which compensates collisions, can also be expanded to include instances where an unknown party damages your parked motorcycle. The new motorcycle insurance and light motorcycle insurance give you the option of getting vandalism cover as part of Medium Motor Insurance.

Motorcycle insurance is also suitable for light motorcycles

The motorcycle insurance’s motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance will provide comprehensive cover for your light motorcycle too. The insurance and cover for a light motorcycle can also be easily tailored to suit your bike. You can use our calculator to easily check the price of insurance for a light motorcycle and buy the insurance directly online.

As a new motorcycle rider, your riding skills will increase quickly – as so will your bonuses. The initial bonus for motor liability insurance for motorcycles is 40%. In three years your bonus can be as much as 64%.

The best motorcycle insurance for those who value flexibility

Do you want to hop on your motorbike as soon as possible in the spring? A flexible round-the-year motorcycle insurance policy allows you to enjoy the thrill of motorcycles whenever you want. If you know that you will not be using your bike much, you can also make an off-road registration for the summer months. Any off-road registration of a continuous 30 days or more entitles you to a premium refund.

Are you planning to go abroad on your motorbike?

When you have a Green Card, you can ride on without a worry. With a Green Card you can prove that your motor liability insurance is valid almost anywhere in Europe and in Russia, for example.

The best feeling is when you push your bike out of winter storage onto dry tarmac. When your motorcycle insurance is valid round the year, you can take your first ride whenever the weather is ok.

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Seasonal rating saves time and money

A motorcycle’s motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance have been priced on the basis of the seasons, so there is no reason to decommission the motorbike  or to terminate the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for money reasons. The motorcycle or light motorcycle insurance is always valid, but the lower prices of the winter months are adjusted on the assumption that you are unlikely to use it then. Note that the motorcycle insurance also provides cover for the motorcycle’s winter storage period.

How is the price distributed per month?

Question: How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

Prices vary, depending on the bike to be insured, and the biker. The price of an insurance policy for a motorcycle or a light motorcycle depends on, among other factors, the make, model and age of the vehicle, and on the covers you have chosen. The price of the insurance also takes into account possible insurance prime customer and owner-customer discounts.

Your motorcycle insurance premium also depends on the motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance bonuses you have accrued as a motorist. Bonuses reward excellent motorists with a reduction in the motorcycle insurance premium, which means that by driving safely and without causing damage, you can reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance for the next insurance period.

The insurance price is also affected by the deductible of the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance you have selected. By choosing a higher deductible, you can lower your amount of insurance premium.

The cheapest motorcycle insurance is not necessarily the best motorcycle insurance

If you opt to take out only mandatory motor liability insurance, your motor vehicle insurance premium will be lower, but this means that your motorcycle will not be insured against animal collision, technical failure or vandalism, for example. This means that the cheapest motor vehicle insurance may not be the best option when something actually goes wrong.

When comparing the prices for motorcycle insurance policies you should bear in mind that there are differences between policies regarding coverage and the services available in case of loss - does the cheapest motorcycle insurance meet your demands during both the season and the off-season period.

Enter the information on your motorcycle in the calculator to see the prices of policies and the covers we recommend for your motorcycle.

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Health insurance for an adult

Motor liability insurance bonus for motorcycles increases quickly and decreases moderately if an accident occurs. The motor liability insurance starting bonus for a motorcycle is at least 40%, with 80% the maximum. Bonus percentages you have achieved can also be used for any other motorcycle you have insured with us.

We offer you the maximum 70% bonus for Maxi Motor Insurance from the start. The comprehensive motor vehicle insurance bonus reduces the premium for collision cover, and any claims made under it will reduce the bonus. Please note that in order for the bonus to increase, the motorcycle must be used in traffic for at least 90 days during the insurance period.

Insurance and claims history certificate

If you need you a certificate of your vehicles’ insurance and claims history, you can order it from the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre. You can prove your claims history to a foreign insurance company.

As a Pohjola Insurance prime customer you will receive discounts benefits. When you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you have access to even better benefits and discounts and the bonuses you have received as an owner-customer are used for your insurance premiums.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.