Green Card

What is a Green Card?

The Green Card is a certificate issued by your insurance company as proof that your car or other vehicle has a valid motor liability insurance. When driving outside Finland, you must present the Green Card in the event of a road accident and to border authorities when entering the country, if necessary. 

You can print a Green Card yourself easily at Printing the Green Card is free of charge.

When do you need a Green Card?

Vehicles registered in Finland can be driven freely in the Nordic countries without a Green Card. A Green Card is also not mandatory within the EU or EEA. However, we recommend that you print out a Green Card to take with you whenever you are planning on travelling outside the Nordic countries.

A Green Card is mandatory in the following countries: Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, North Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine. The Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre recommends bringing along a Green Card also when travelling to the United Kingdom.

If you are visiting any of these countries without a valid Green Card, you must purchase so-called border insurance when entering the country.

When visiting countries other than Green Card partner countries, you must purchase valid motor liability insurance when entering the country. 


Print a Green Card for your vehicle at


  • Go to My policies (corporate customers go to the Insurance section)
    The service requires that you log in using your OP user IDs or another bank’s user identifiers or your OP Corporate User ID
  • Select your vehicle’s motor liability insurance
    Select the motor liability insurance of the vehicle for which you want to print a Green Card
  • Print the vehicle’s Green Card on white paper
  • You’re all set!

Legislation and claims practices concerning motor liability insurance abroad may differ considerably from those in Finland. A voluntary international third-party motor liability insurance can cover situations in which a motor vehicle driver is liable for bodily injury or material damage caused to a third party under the country's motor liability insurance act or equivalent.