Equity savings account price list and trading venues

With the equity savings account, you will always trade in shares at low cost, especially if you are an owner-customer. Your trading prices will be determined by the service package that you have selected. You will trade free of charge for the first 30 days, and there will be no monthly charge for the current or the next calendar month.

Service package Saver Investor
Owner-customer €0 per month €9.99 per month
Under 26-year-olds €0 per month €14.99 per month
Not an owner-customer €2.99/month €14.99 per month
Trading fees Brokerage fee 0.15%,
minimum €5
Brokerage fee 0.08%,
minimum €3

Our service package includes equities custody, thorough equity and market analyses and stock recommendations by experts. OP bonuses may not be used for the monthly service package charges. Please also note that the 1% brokerage fee ceiling is not valid for the Equity Savings Account. 

Transfer of your equity savings account from OP to another service provider
(includes transfer of your balance information, Finnish equities and cash assets)
€80 (incl. VAT 24%)
Transfer of other securities €25 per security type (incl. VAT 24%)
Closing an equity savings account €50 (incl. VAT 24%)

You can switch the service package on OP-mobile if there is a change in your investment needs. The switch will take effect in the following month.

Information on trading venues

With an OP equity savings account, you can trade in shares of Finnish companies listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange or the First North Finland trading venue. 
You cannot, however, trade in foreign companies’ shares or rights distributions. Trading is not possible in the securities of foreign companies that are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange or on First North Finland and that execute their corporate actions in currencies other than the euro (such as Telia, SSAB, Endomines and Sotkamo Silver). You can use your equity savings account to sell any rights distributions that you hold, but you cannot buy them. You also cannot subscribe for shares in initial public offerings or secondary offerings.

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Select the Saver’s service package if you trade in equities occasionally. The service package is free of charge for owner-customers – you will pay for transactions only.

Select the Investor’s service package to secure inexpensive prices for active trading. We recommend this service package if you trade actively: more frequently than 5 times a month or for more than 15,000 euros.

Transaction price Saver
Brokerage fee 0.15%,
minimum €5 
Brokerage fee 0.08%,
minimum €3 
100 5 3
1,000 5 3
5,000 7.5 4


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