FirstVet remote veterinary service

A free remote veterinary reception for our pet insurance customers

Free service, unlimited visits

Pohjola Insurance provides you with an unlimited number of FirstVet remote consultations free of charge for each insured pet. You will be able to use this benefit if your pet has a dog, cat or horse insurance policy which includes medical treatment expenses insurance from Pohjola Insurance. The benefit is valid until further notice.

Contact the FirstVet remote consultation service first if your pet falls ill or is injured

FirstVet veterinary service provides you with health advice and instructions when you are worried about your pet’s health.

Quick advice on your pet’s health, no matter where you are

The remote veterinary consultation can occur anywhere as a video call, in the mobile app or in an internet browser. This means that you will be able to use the service regardless of location, whether you are at home or at your summer cabin.

FirstVet’s professional remote veterinarians will help you and your pet

FirstVet is a company that offers remote healthcare services for animals. FirstVet remote veterinarians provide health advice and instructions for dogs, cats and horses via a video call.

How to use the FirstVet remote veterinary service?

  1. Create a service account and download the FirstVet application to your smart device. It is a good idea to download the application in advance, so that you can book a veterinary appointment directly when you need advice on your pet’s health. Create an account and download the free application here
  2. Once you have downloaded the application, you can book an online appointment with the veterinarian. Remote consultations are available daily 07–24. You can also book appointments for the weekend or public holidays.
  3. After you have booked an appointment, you can relax and wait for your turn. FirstVet will send an SMS right before the appointment begins, prompting you to launch the application and log in.
  4. During the appointment, you will be provided with an evaluation of your pet’s health and advice on how to manage symptoms. Whenever required, your pet will be referred to further treatment. If no further measures are needed, you will receive clear instructions for home care.
  5. If the FirstVet remote veterinarian recommends a visit to a physical veterinary clinic, book an appointment with our partner veterinary clinic.

The application will instruct you how to use the service. If you need technical support to use the application, please contact FirstVet.

What is the FirstVet remote veterinary service?

FirstVet is a company that offers remote healthcare services for animals. It is one of the leading companies in its field in Finland and in Europe. FirstVet remote veterinary appointments provide health advice and instructions for dogs, cats and horses via a video link.

During a FirstVet remote veterinary consultation, you and your pet will be served by expert veterinarians. You will be provided with a quick evaluation via a video call as to how you can manage your pet’s symptoms. You will also be provided with an assessment of whether or not you should take your pet to a veterinary practice.

Did you know this about the FirstVet remote veterinary service?

  • The most common symptoms treated in the FirstVet remote veterinary service are pet stomach troubles as well as skin and ear issues.
  • Seven out of ten FirstVet remote veterinary service customers are able to get what they need through the remote consultation.
  • Eight out of ten of FirstVet remote veterinary service customers recommend the service to others.

Direct claims service by our veterinary clinic partners is there to help your pet if the FirstVet remote veterinary service recommends that you take your pet to a veterinary clinic

You can visit our veterinary clinic partners if your pet is in need of treatment due to illness or injury. Our veterinary clinic partners offer expert treatment for your pet, and they will file compensation claims for you. 

You can also visit our veterinary clinic partner directly without FirstVet remote consultation. However, we recommend that you contact FirstVet remote consultation first as the home care instructions provided by a proficient remote veterinarian can completely avoid a visit to the vet. 

When using our partner’s services, you will not be required to file a separate loss report, because our partner will file the compensation claim for you. At the clinic, you only pay your pet’s policy’s deductible for the covered treatment. The clinic will charge Pohjola Insurance directly for the rest.

If your beloved animal falls ill or is injured, use the Claim Help service to find instructions and contact details for our nearest veterinary clinic partners.

FirstVet remote veterinary service is provided by FirstVet AB. The insurance services are provided by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.