You as an owner of OP

As an owner-customer of an OP cooperative bank, you own a part of your bank and can enjoy our best benefits.

As an owner-customer, you can benefit from the cooperative by using services such as OP Group Buying, which allows you to buy various brand products and services at an attractive owner-customer price. You can also make your own suggestions for the items should be made available in the service. For kids, OP cooperative banks organise events through the Hippo Club.

Apart from these benefits, being an owner-customer entitles you to influence the activities of your bank by standing as a candidate and voting in the cooperative’s elections. Our digital owner-customer community, in turn, offers a place where owner-customers can gather to exchange their thoughts, present ideas and vote on matters concerning the activities of OP cooperative banks and owner-customers.

OP Group Buying

OP Group Buying is our new service which allows you to buy well-known brand products and services at an attractive owner-customer price. The products and services have competitive starting prices and you can receive compensation based on the final number of buyers. The more interest a product or service raises in the campaign, the larger the buyers’ compensation.

Hippo – A community for kids

Free of charge, the Hippo Club is designed for our young customers under the age of 13. Club members get invitations to the various events and competitions organised by their bank, such as Hippo athletics games and cross-country skiing games. They also get the Hippo magazine delivered to their home address twice a year. The Club seeks to inspire kids to do, experience and learn things in a fun way.

Owner-customer community

In the digital community, our owner-customers are able to influence the activities of their own bank through different tasks and surveys. We value your opinion, owner-customer. Welcome to the community!