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Special Corporate Insurance

Everything you need to protect your company’s movable property and operations

All you need in the same package

We have chosen for Special Corporate Insurance just the policies your company will need to insure your movable property and operations.

Easy to keep up to date

You do not have to insure separately each piece of equipment your company has bought, because the company’s movable property is always insured for its full value.

The most satisfied customers

Surveys show that our corporate customers are the most satisfied in Finland. (EPSI Rating Insurance 2016)

Easy way to prepare against company risks

Special Corporate Insurance is an easy way to prepare against the biggest risks threatening your company’s movable property or operations. Even if you suffer a loss, the company’s operations can continue. Special Corporate Insurance is a package of corporate insurance policies covering, for example, losses caused by burglary, fire or sudden breakage of a refrigeration device.

Special Corporate Insurance always includes Property Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, General Liability Insurance and Legal Expenses Insurance. You can also include business interruption caused by an employee and cargo insurance in your Special Corporate Insurance, and in certain industries also financial loss cover.

Remember also to insure your company’s real property and vehicles and any statutory insurance that is not included in Special Corporate Insurance.

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Corporate insurance made simple

Special Corporate Insurance has been designed especially for the needs of companies engaged in trade, and the service and production industries. Supplementary cover may be included to tailor the package according to your company’s area of operation and needs. Special Corporate Insurance is also excellent for new entrepreneurs.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your insurance coverage, and that is why all you have to tell us is your company’s net sales to keep Special Corporate Insurance up to date. Your company’s movable property is always insured for its full value, meaning that you do not have to inform us if you buy a new machine, for example.

How it works

  Request a quote Enter your contact details in the form and we’ll contact you.
  Our specialist’s proposal We’ll chart your company’s risks with you and tailor insurance cover that suits those risks.
  You’ll decide how to proceed Our offer is not binding on you. Take your time to read it and make your decision.

Even minor damage to equipment can disrupt your company's operations. The key risks are appropriately dimensioned and managed in Special Corporate Insurance. The solution can also be adjusted on the basis of your company size and field of operation.

Heli Kaliste Insurance Manager, Pohjola Insurance

What does Special Corporate Insurance cover?

Special Corporate Insurance always includes Property Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, General Liability Insurance and Legal Expenses Insurance. Optional supplementary coverage is also available to Special Corporate Insurance.

Corporate Property Insurance covers losses to movable property. Special Corporate Insurance’s property insurance covers, burglary and fire losses but also those caused by sudden breakage.

A business interruption insurance ensures that your company can continue to operate despite disturbances or business interruptions caused by, for example, a leakage loss. Business interruption insurance covers, for example, wage and salary expenses and loss of sales margins.

The company’s general liability insurance covers bodily injury and material damage for which your company is liable. Product liability insurance protects your company is a product, such as food that has gone off or faulty electrical equipment causes a loss to a third party. 

Legal expenses insurance compensates legal aid expenses in disputed civil cases and criminal cases processed in Finnish district courts, its appellate courts or in arbitration proceedings.

You can add cargo insurance, cover for business interruption caused by an employee and financial loss cover, and in certain industries also crime insurance.

Cargo insurance is an important additional cover for items your company has ordered, because the compensation liability of transport entrepreneurs is only about 20 euros per kilogramme.

Insurance for business interruption caused by an employee, on the other hand, will compensate financial business losses caused by the death or disability of an entrepreneur or company employee.

Financial loss cover covers losses caused to third parties, and is useful for accounting and legal service companies, for example.

In certain industries, such as the retail trade, optional additional cover also includes crime insurance to prepare against financial losses of the company resulting from embezzlement or fraud, for example.

Read more in the Special Corporate Insurance Product Guide as well as the Insurance Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page.

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Pohjola Risk Management Service
Tool for the entire work community to improve occupational safety and speed up the flow of information.
Safety regulations improve safety and prevent losses, so they are worth reading carefully. In order for the insurance to be granted, the minimum requirements for burglary protection level must be met.

In the op.fi service, you can easily and safely manage all of your company's insurance transactions. The service allows you to, for example

  • report a loss and see how your loss report is processed
  • print out certificates of insurance
  • order a Green Card for company vehicles

How to activate the Internet Service:

  • Make a Corporate eServices Agreement and name the administrators.
  • Administrators can add other users and their access rights to the service.


The insurer is Pohjola Insurance. The losses will be covered in accordance with the law and the insurance terms and conditions.