Trading in ETF shares is now possible on OP-mobile

Our customers can already trade in ETF shares on the service. From 13 May 2024, they can also do so on OP-mobile.

We want to fulfil our customers’ wishes by providing OP-mobile users with the widest possible range of investment services. OP-mobile has grown in popularity among our customers. The app was logged into 56 million times on average each month in 2023.

An ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is a fund whose units or shares are traded on an exchange just like stock. Most ETFs track a specific index, on the basis of which investments are automatically diversified, without the need for portfolio managers.

Our customers can currently choose from 1,000 ETFs on the Finnish, Swedish and German markets.

ETFs are included in the latest version of OP mobile

If you have a book-entry account, as part of the investment service package, you can trade in ETF shares on OP-mobile. You can view ETFs by tapping the Buy shares or Buy mutual funds button in OP-mobile, after updating the app to the latest version from your app store.

If you do not yet have a book-entry account, you can open one in the service.