Changes in online payments via MyTax for corporate customers

A new tax payment interface was introduced in the MyTax service on 21 November. To continue using the MyTax service to pay your company’s taxes directly from an OP account, you’ll need to change the access rights to your corporate account.

The person with access rights to the account must also have authorisation to make payments through third-party services, such as MyTax. Only a person authorised to sign on behalf of your company can change the access rights.

If your company has already made the required change to the corporate account, you do not need to take any further action.

How to change the access rights to a corporate account

You can make the change via the chat service, by sending a message via the service or our mobile app, or by calling Customer Service on 0100 05151. Please give us the following information:

  • Corporate account number and name and personal identity code of the person holding the access rights.
  • The email address and telephone number of the person authorised to sign for the company, to whom we will send notification of when the agreement is ready for electronic signature. The agreement must be signed using the company’s signature.
  • If you send a message via the service or mobile app, type ”Payment in MyTax” as the heading.

You can also pay your taxes by credit transfer

If you lack the required access rights to pay taxes in MyTax, copy the payment details from MyTax or the tax decision and pay the tax by credit transfer via your online bank.

Make sure that your company’s KYC information is up to date

Please also make sure that your company’s KYC information has been updated in the last 12 months. We will regularly ask for information about your company during your customer relationship, to ensure that you can bank safely and in order to meet our statutory KYC obligations.

Check and update KYC information