Changes in our service charges and terms and conditions as of 1 June 2023

We will change the charges and terms and conditions of some our services in the beginning of June.

We will inform our personal customers of the new prices and other changes during March, either by message on OP-mobile and the service or by letter. We will notify you of the incoming message by SMS.

We continue to provide our owner-customers with the best benefits

We wish to provide the best price benefits to our owner-customers. This year, our focus in changes is on savings and investment services. 

Owner-customers will now be entitled to a free-of-charge book-entry account and investor’s services package.

The price ceiling of trade in domestic stocks as a permanent benefit. If the size of the executed domestic stock trade is less than 700 euros, the owner-customer brokerage fee is a maximum of 1%. The benefit is valid in our digital services and applies to transactions performed via the book-entry account.