You can now open OP's Unit-linked insurance plan online

Unit-linked insurance is a flexible way to save on a long-term basis and is suitable for both beginners and experienced investors. As our customer, you can now open OP's Unit-linked insurance plan easily online in Finnish or in Swedish.

How to open OP's unit-linked insurance plan

  • At Savings and investments – Open a unit-linked insurance plan – Start saving 
  • On OP-mobile: Log into OP-mobile – Investments – Saving through insurance – Open a unit-linked insurance plan
Start saving online: Answer a few questions to let us know more about your saving habits. We want to hear about what kind of return you expect on your investment and how much risk you are willing to take.
Select investment products: Select your investing period, investment products and investment amount. You can get started with 100 euros per month, for example. Switching between investment products later online is free of charge.
Name your beneficiary: The beneficiary you select for the death benefit can be your spouse or child, for example.
Make changes to the plan if necessary: You can change your saving plan and investment products, name another beneficiary and make other changes easily online.
The insurance is issued by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd, with OP cooperative banks acting as its agents.