Check your information in the Positive credit register

Information in the Positive credit register affects whether you can be granted a new loan or credit.

As of February 2024, we have reported our customers' consumer credit information and comparable credit information to the Positive credit register. These include home loans, credit card debts, car loans, other consumer loans, student loans and hire purchase agreements.

How to check your information in the credit register

Information in the positive credit register affects whether you can be granted a new loan. We therefore recommend that you check that your information is correct before applying for a loan.

Creditors can only view information in the register before a decision to grant a new loan or approve changes to existing loans.

You can view your information in the Finnish Tax Administration's digital service. You can log in with your online bank user identifiers, or Mobile ID or certificate card.

What to do if your information contains errors

If your information in the register contains errors, please contact the credit provider that has reported the inaccurate information. Before contacting them, check the following:

  • Check whether you are a joint debtor in the loan. For example, if you have a joint home loan with your spouse, the full amount of the loan is listed under both of you. The number of debtors is shown separately next to the loan.
  • Revolving credit is listed in the register until it has been officially terminated at your separate request. Paying off the credit does not terminate the credit.
  • Information in the credit register takes a short while to update. New loans and credits are reported to the register on the next day after the credit agreement is signed at the latest. Changes to previously reported loans and credit is reported on the next weekday after the information is changed. Revolving credit such as credit card balance is updated in the register once a month.