About to change your smart device? You can enable OP-mobile with your old device

If Mobile key works on your old device, you no longer need the key code list when changing your device.

Earlier, enabling OP-mobile and Mobile key on a new device always required using the key code list. Starting from 19 September, OP-mobile and Mobile key can be activated on a new device with the old device's Mobile key.  

When changing devices, you should keep OP-mobile enabled on your old device, updated to the latest version, until you have activated Mobile key on your new device. In practice, this means not erasing the device or resetting it to factory settings before you have enabled OP-mobile on your new device. 

Enabling OP-mobile without the key code list requires that you have both the new and the old device at hand. If your old device has broken down or is lost, you must use the key code list to enable OP-mobile.

Added security with two Mobile keys

If you're using two devices, say a mobile phone and tablet, it's a good idea to install OP-mobile and Mobile key on both devices. In that way, you'll be able to continue using our services even if one of the devices breaks down or is lost.

Even though you can enable Mobile key with your old device, keep your username, password and key code list for future use. You'll need them if you don't have access to OP-mobile.