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OP Flexible Capital

Unsecured loan of 5000–50 000 euros.

You will get a credit decision online

Fill in the contact form, and your application will be processed as soon as possible.

Unsecured financing

You will not need any guarantors or collateral for the credit.

Revolving credit facility

Draw down credit conveniently via the service. When you pay back the credit in accordance with your agreement, the same amount of credit facility becomes available to you.

Why choose OP Flexible Capital?

When your company is in need of working capital, apply for unsecured revolving OP Flexible Capital. You can apply for a facility of 5000–50 000 euros.

How do I apply for OP Flexible Capital?

You can apply for OP Flexible Capital if your company has been in business for at least one accounting period, has its accounts with OP, is not late in making any credit repayments to OP and has no registered payment defaults. Apply for OP Flexible Capital by filling in the contact form. OP's employee will obtain the credit decision. After the credit decision, we will send you the agreement for signing to our electronic signature service.

After an approved decision, invoicing of the monthly instalment of the credit facility will start from the first drawdown. E-invoicing will be started from the first instalment.


OP Flexible Capital interest rate and costs

This is a revolving credit facility. The amount of credit facility is 5000–50 000 euros.

Costs of OP Flexible Capital:

  • Interest on credit facility is the 3-month Euribor 365 + customer-specific margin
  • Arrangement fee of credit facility is 400 euros
  • Account service fee is 10 euros per month if the credit facility is in use
  • Monthly instalment is 2.1% of the amount of facility, including interests, account service fee and repayment. For example, for a credit of 20 000 euros, the minimum monthly instalment is 420 euros
  • Extra repayments on the credit facility can always be made free of charge


OP Flexible Capital on the service

Log into the service where you will find OP Flexible Capital under Financing. You can make drawdown requests on the service and also check the available credit facility and credit payment transactions there. Access rights can be managed under the Corporate Agreement for Digital Transactions. You will find answers to frequently asked questions and the list of charges and fees from the service.


The credit is issued by OP Corporate Bank plc.