Elämästä on helppo nauttia, kun sairausvakuutus on turvana.

Health insurance in case of illness

As a Pohjola Insurance customer, you can tailor your health insurance to cover both accidents and illnesses. When you select your insurance to cover medical treatment expenses of illnesses and accidental injuries, it is called a health package.

Our most comprehensive health insurance option includes both medical expenses insurance and accident insurance. Our most comprehensive health package covers medical treatment expenses of illnesses and accidents until the age of 100 and ensures quick access to treatment. Health package ensures that you get all the support you need for your recovery and rehabilitation – even in your home.

You can also choose to insure yourself only in case of accidents and certain illnesses showing symptoms together with certain accidents, in which case we talk of an accident package. Learn more on this page on how to insure yourself in case of illness or accident, and what the insurance covers.

Health insurance as part of Pohjola Insurance Health Insurance

To protect yourself or your loved one in case of illness or accident, we recommend you to get Pohjola Insurance health insurance. Private health insurance is worth the cost as it also provides cover in leisure time activities that are not covered by your occupational health care.

The insurance covers, depending on the extent of coverage you have chosen, expenses caused by accidents and illnesses, and ensures the best possible treatment when you need it. You will get all the support you need for your recovery and rehabilitation, in your home if necessary.

The insurance is available to you throughout your life, and can be taken out for an adult, child or even an unborn child.

It's advisable to keep in mind that private medical expenses insurance should be purchased before the need to use it arises. The healthier the insured person is at the time of purchasing medical expenses insurance, the more extensive the scope of coverage. This way, you get the most comprehensive possible insurance cover without exclusions of possible conditions that may be diagnosed later.

Read more and calculate the price below for your health insurance.


What does medical expenses insurance cover?

There are many terms for insurance policies that cover expenses caused by illness. These include health insurance and medical expenses insurance. As a Pohjola Insurance customer, you can insure yourself with medical expenses insurance by including it as part of Pohjola Insurance's health package.

The health package always includes Medical Treatment Cover, therapy and rehabilitation and dental cover. In other words, the insurance covers, for example, expenses arising from medical consultations, medication and surgery and, in terms of coverable injuries, musculoskeletal therapy, functional therapy etc. The insurance also covers dental examinations and treatments caused by an accident.

As additional cover, you can also choose home help package and Fitness Cover. The home help package covers home health care, home adaptation, home help and expenses of any aids prescribed by a doctor that you need for your daily life.

Fitness Cover will help you to recover from illness or injury and to prevent falling ill or injuring yourself. You can choose Fitness Cover if your health package includes Medical Treatment Cover and Cost Cover specifically for illnesses. Fitness Cover compensates expenses for fitness tests and expert services recommended by a doctor or some other healthcare professional. These may include the services of a nutritional therapist or a personal gym instructor.

If you do competitive sports or are preparing for a competition or matches organised by a sports federation or club, we recommend that you take out an additional athletes’ cover specific to your sport. However, if you just exercise for your own pleasure, for example by jogging or skiing, the regular health covers will compensate any losses that may occur.

The price of health insurance

The price of a health package included in health insurance depends a lot on which covers you decide to include in it. Our most extensive health package includes Medical Treatment Cover, therapy and rehabilitation and also dental cover, compensating, for example, expenses caused by medical consultations, examinations, medication and surgery. You can also include optional covers, such as home help package, Fitness Cover and cover for accidental death.

The Health insurance premium is also based on the deductibles you have chosen, the number of instalments in which you pay the premium, and on what other policies you have taken with us. The deductible is the amount you have to pay in any case in the event of loss or damage.

Once you have chosen the coverage and deductibles, you will see the preliminary price for it. Comparing prices for medical expenses insurance is easy in our online store, whether you’re buying insurance for a child, unborn child or yourself.

Can I get a discount on sickness insurance?

By taking out more policies with us and becoming our prime customer, you will get the best benefits and discounts. If you want, you can request Pohjola Insurance for a quote on all of your household’s policies using our handy online form.

Is the health insurance valid abroad?

Our health covers are valid throughout the world, but compensation is only paid for expenses incurred in Finland, unless it has been separately agreed otherwise and so entered in the policy document. If, however, coverage on such expenses has been agreed upon, with the appropriate entry in the policy document, we will compensate daily hospital charges abroad only to 400 euros per day.

If you fall ill abroad and need to see a doctor or require medical attention that causes expenses, you are covered by Pohjola Insurance’s travel insurance. Travel insurance provides cover in case of illnesses that begin or accidents that occur during travel, and you can extend coverage to include valuables and other luggage in case of, for example, breakage, disappearance or theft.

In case of illness, Pohjola Health Advisor and our partner physicians are there to help you

When you take out Pohjola Insurance Health insurance policies, you also get access to the Pohjola Health Advisor service free of charge. If you have concerns about your health and are contemplating on some form of home care or a visit to the doctor, you can ring Pohjola’s Health Advisor who will refer to an appropriate professional. If there is no need to visit a doctor, the Health Advisor will give you clear instructions for home care, ensuring your speedy recovery.

If you need to see a doctor, we recommend that you visit our partner physician. You will receive professional help and as our insurance customer any insurance matters will also be taken care of - when visiting our partner physician you only pay any deductible included in your policy, and no claim has to be filed afterwards.