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Accident insurance – in case of accidents

As a Pohjola Insurance customer, you can tailor Health Insurance to cover accidents only, or both accidents and illnesses. When you choose the insurance to cover accidents only, or both accidents and certain illnesses showing symptoms together with certain accidents, we talk of an accident package. If you include cover against other illnesses too, you have a more comprehensive health package.

Accident insurance is part of Pohjola Insurance’s Health Insurance

If you want to insure yourself or your loved one to cover expenses caused by an accident, your answer is Pohjola Insurance’s Health insurance. You can tailor the insurance to cover accidents only, both accidents and certain illnesses, or at its most comprehensive, accidents and all illnesses.

The insurance is available to you throughout your life, meaning it is suitable for an adults, children or even unborn children.

Learn more about our health coverage and calculate the price for your policy below.

What is considered an accident?

Accidents include fractures, strains, ruptures or cuts caused by, for example, slipping, falling or some other sudden event. Accident Insurance also covers treatment expenses arising from frostbite and sunstroke up to the maximum amount of compensation of the scope you have selected.

What does accident insurance cover?

Accident insurance provides cover either for accidents only or both accidents and illnesses showing symptoms together with certain accidents. Accident insurance also covers, among other things, drowning, frostbite and sun stroke.

If a loss occurs, accident insurance covers, for example, medical consultations, medication, examinations and surgery. Accident insurance also enables various musculoskeletal therapy required for the treatment of accidental injuries, and also functional therapies, which may mean that you can prevent surgery altogether.

You can also choose a type of insurance that compensates dental examinations and treatments caused by an accident. We also help you to acquire certain equipment if you have a permanent or temporary disability caused by a coverable injury. Compensation from Health Insurance, with the exception of Death Cover, is paid to the insured person, unless the policyholder has determined another beneficiary.

Accident insurance can also cover expenses for fitness tests and related expert services in a situation in which a health care professional recommends exercise to you for the treatment of an accidental injury. You can also extend the policy with athletes’ covers, with compensation being paid for medical consultation, examination and surgery costs caused by accidents in selected sports.

We recommend that you insure your health not only in case of accidents but also illnesses. See below how health insurance can help you if you suddenly fall ill.

Price of accident insurance

The price of accident insurance depends largely on which covers you include in it. Accident insurance always includes Medical Treatment Cover in case of costs incurred by medical consultations, special examinations, medication and surgery, but you can extend coverage even further.

The price of accident insurance is also based on the deductibles you have chosen. The deductible is the amount you have to pay in any case in the event of loss or damage.

Once you have chosen the coverage and deductibles of your accident insurance, you will see the preliminary price for it. The price also depends on the number of instalments in which you pay the premiums, and which other policies you have taken with us.

By taking out more policies with us, you will get the best benefits and discountsIf you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, your Accident Insurance will be as inexpensive as possible. You can request a quote on all of your household’s policies using our online form.

Is there coverage abroad?

Accident insurance is valid throughout the world, but compensation is only paid for expenses incurred in Finland. In addition to treatment expenses, the insurance can compensate reasonable travel expenses to a local doctor or health facility in Finland, for example. If you have an accident abroad and need to see a doctor or require medical attention that causes expenses, you are covered by Pohjola Insurance’s travel insurance.

Travel insurance provides cover in case of illnesses that begin or accidents that occur during travel, and you can extend coverage to include laptops, cameras, phones and other luggage in case of, for example, breakage, disappearance or theft.

Do you practise competitive sports or do you need to take out insurance for a child who does?

If you practise competitive sports or prepare for a competition or a match organised by a sports association or club, you should take out an appropriate insurance policy. A child who practises competitive sports as a member of a sports club must also have insurance against sports accidents.

Voluntary accident insurance or statutory workers' compensation insurance?

The accident insurance policies presented on this page for unborn babies and for children and adults are voluntary accident insurance policies, which you can use to cover your health in case of leisure-time accidents.

If you are an entrepreneur, you insure your employees with statutory workers' compensation insurance. Statutory workers' compensation insurance provides cover if your company employee has an injury at work, on their way to or from work, during work-related circumstances, or has an occupational disease. The obligation to insure is based on the Workers' Compensation Act.

If an accident occurs, the Pohjola Health Advisor and our partner doctors are there to help

If you have taken out Pohjola Insurance’s accident insurance, you have free access to the Pohjola Health Advisor service. If you have concerns about your health and are contemplating on some form of home care or a visit to the doctor, you can ring Pohjola’s Health Advisor.

The Health Advisor will assess your symptoms and refer you to the appropriate professional. If there is no need to visit a doctor, the Health Advisor will give you clear instructions for home care, ensuring your speedy recovery.

If you need to see a doctor, we recommend that you go to our partner doctor. You will get professional help and as our insurance customer, you do not have to file a claim afterwards. You only have to pay your deductible, if any.