Motor vehicle insurance calculator

Are you wondering about the cost of motor vehicle insurance and which insurance covers are suitable for your car? With our motor vehicle insurance calculator, you can easily and quickly calculate and compare the rates and covers of motor vehicle insurance.

A fast way to see the rates of motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance

Whether you are looking to compare motor vehicle insurance, shop around for the best rate or calculate the cost of insurance, our motor vehicle insurance calculator is a fast and easy way to get answers. You can select to include only motor liability insurance, or extended coverage with voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

Based on the information you provide, the motor vehicle insurance calculator will also give our recommendation for the coverage best suited for your car.

Are you considering comparing comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies? Get to know how you can take care of the comparison as easily as possible.

How the calculator works

  1. Begin by entering your car’s registration number and your personal identity number and by answering the questions about your car. We require your personal identity number in order to accurately calculate a rate for your motor vehicle insurance and take into account potential discounts to which you are entitled. The information you provide will not be stored.
  2. After entering the above information, you will see the rates of different types of coverage and our recommendation based on your car’s attributes.
  3. After selecting your preferred option, you can choose a suitable amount of deductible for collision losses. Note that the amount of deductible will affect your insurance premium, with a higher deductible decreasing the amount of premium.
  4. Finally, select the number of instalments for insurance premiums and enter the starting date of insurance. By paying the insurance premium in a single instalment, you will receive a mode of payment discount.

After using the motor vehicle insurance calculator to choose a suitable insurance plan, you can purchase insurance with just a few more clicks. The insurance will take effect from the date of your choosing.

Compare policies with motor vehicle insurance calculator

Use the motor vehicle insurance calculator to easily compare policies and view the amount of personal bonus you have accrued. By using the motor vehicle insurance calculator to compare insurance covers and rates from time to time, you ensure that your car’s insurance is always up-to-date and avoid unnecessary costs.

When comparing insurance policies and their rates, it is smart to also consider the kind of service and assistance you will receive in the event of a loss. As a Pohjola Insurance motor vehicle insurance customer, you have access to services such as

  • Pohjola Claim Help 24/7 - instructions and assistance in the event of loss, available anytime and anywhere online, in OP-mobile and by phone.
  • Pohjola Repair Coordinators and repair shop partners are at your assistance in the event of vehicle damage, and Pohjola Repair Advisors will handle both repairs to your car and claim matters. You will only have to pay for the deductible, if any, and Pohjola Insurance will be directly charged for the remaining amount.
  • As a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance customer, you will generally also receive claim settlement decisions by phone 24/7.

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