Electric car insurance

Insure a hybrid or fully electric car

Online buyer discount: get 20% off new comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for an electric car

When you buy electric car insurance online, you get a 20% online buyer discount. The offer is valid until further notice and applies to new comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies purchased online.

Finland’s leading insurer of electric vehicles since 2003 (Source: Traficom Vehicular and Driver Data Register)

We insure your electric car with professionalism. Our electric car insurance covers a wide range of losses, from collisions to towing.

Repair shop partners specialising in electric vehicles at your assistance

You can take your electric car in for repairs directly to our repair shop partner specialising in electric vehicles. Our partner will take care of the repairs and file the loss report on your behalf. You can always find your nearest repair shop partner on Pohjola Claim Help.

Get loyalty benefits for a discount on your electric car insurance

When you are both a Pohjola Insurance prime customer and an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you get a discount of up to 10% on electric car insurance.

What should you bear in mind when insuring an electric car?

Electric car insurance always includes statutory motor liability insurance, which you can supplement with voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. Motor liability insurance for an electric car always covers bodily injuries and property damage suffered by the party not at fault in the accident.

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance ensures extensive coverage

We recommend that you supplement your electric car insurance with voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance to get the best coverage. Depending on the scope of cover you choose, comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers battery damage resulting from an accident and the costs of towing after an electrical malfunction, for example.

Smooth claim process and repair shop partners specialising in electric vehicles

When insuring an electric car, it's advisable to also look at the ease of the claims process and the costs saved. Our motor vehicle insurance gives you access to our expert repair shop partners, including repair shops specialising in electric vehicles. If your electric car is damaged, you can book an appointment with our repair shop partner directly. In addition to repairs, our partner can usually file the loss report on your behalf.

What does electric car insurance cover?

You can choose between Super Motor Insurance or Standard Motor Insurance for your electric car. Both types of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance cover things such as battery damage caused by a collision and towing. Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for electric cars also covers theft and fire, for example. Both Super Motor and Standard Motor Insurance also always cover damage to the EV charging cable.

To get the best insurance coverage for your electric car, choose the most comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy and additional covers.

  • Super Motor Insurance is our most extensive policy for relatively new and valuable electric cars. You can expand Super Motor Insurance with optional covers, such as parking cover, windscreen cover, consequential loss cover and Super Salvage for a higher salvage value.
  • Standard Motor Insurance is suitable for cars with a value of up to 15,000 euros. You can expand the basic coverage with optional Windscreen Cover.

Below are some fictional examples of losses and damage involving electric cars:

If your electric car won’t start on your driveway due to a technical problem, the insurance covers the costs of towing. Towing to the nearest repair shop is covered by emergency road service included in Super Motor and Standard Motor Insurance.

Your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers fire damage to the electric car, including the charging cable. If the fire was started by the car’s battery, the insurance does not cover the damage to the battery but will cover the costs of other damage to the car.

Fire damage to outbuildings is covered by home insurance.

Towing of your electric car to the nearest Pohjola partner is covered by emergency road service included in Super Motor and Standard Motor Insurance. Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance also covers the cost of repairing the battery.

Find your nearest Pohjola towing company and repair shop partner easily in Pohjola Claim Help.

How is the price of electric car insurance determined?

The price of electric car insurance depends on, among other factors, your age and make of your car, estimated kilometres driven per year, no-claims bonus you earn, and the covers and deductibles you select.

You can get a discount on comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for electric cars if you are an owner-customer of an OP cooperative bank, Pohjola Insurance prime customer or both. As a Pohjola prime customer, you get a 7% discount on comprehensive motor vehicle insurance with a no-claims bonus. You also get a 3% discount if you are our owner-customer for a possible total discount of 10% on the price of electric car insurance.

We also take into account your online buyer discount and mode of payment discount in the price of electric car insurance. If you are an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, your OP bonuses can be used to pay electric car insurance premiums, resulting in a smaller insurance bill.

You can see the price and our recommendation for electric car insurance by entering your car registration number (number plate) in the insurance calculator.

Electric car insurance bonuses

The motor liability insurance bonus is determined based on your driving experience and driving style:

  • As a new driver, you can get an initial bonus of up to 40% on your electric car’s motor liability insurance. You can quickly improve your bonus percentage by driving safely.
  • We reward experienced drivers with a maximum bonus of up to 80%. In addition, experienced drivers receive a bonus loss cover that protects against loss of no-claims bonus included in motor liability insurance.

You always receive the full 70% bonus for your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

You can check your amount of personal bonus easily online. At the same time, you can check the price of motor liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for an electric car.

Charging an electric car and home insurance

EV charging stations have become more common in detached houses and housing companies. A charging station installed on the property of a detached house is covered by home insurance. Depending on the situation, damage to charging stations installed by a housing company is covered by the housing company’s property insurance. We recommend always using a professional when installing or making changes to a charging station. If the EV charging station is installed or used incorrectly, this may lower the amount of compensation payable for damage to the property.

If a fire breaks out from the charging station that damages the building or property, you can claim compensation from your home insurance. Damage to the car and accessories such as the charging cable are covered by comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. Please note that comprehensive motor vehicle insurance does not cover damage to the battery if it was the cause of the fire.

If you are planning on installing an EV charging station in your home, be sure to check your home insurance coverage. If you don’t yet have Pohjola home insurance, you can easily check the price of a suitable insurance in our online store.

Fully electric car, hybrid, mild hybrid – Does the type of electric vehicle affect my insurance cover?

Pohjola motor vehicle insurance provides extensive cover to all types of electric cars. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether you’re insuring a fully electric car or a hybrid, as the same motor vehicle insurance is suitable to all electric cars.

We offer suitable insurance for your electric car regardless of the make and model. The same insurance can be customised for all electric cars, from a Tesla to a Volkswagen.



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