What does motor liability insurance cover?

Motor liability insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicles used in traffic. Read through our examples of cases that are covered by motor liability insurance, and see why we recommend taking out comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

Covered by motor liability insurance

The following are some fictitious situations in which compensation is payable under motor liability insurance. We describe the situation and state whether motor liability insurance covers the damage to the car/vehicle. Please note that we handle every claim individually and that the nature of the event may determine whether we can pay compensation.


Does motor liability insurance cover: a rear-end collision in the evening rush hour?

Paul is driving home through the city centre in the evening rush hour. It is a familiar route, and Paul’s thoughts soon turn to his morning meeting and his plans for the weekend. In a state of distraction, Paul does not notice the traffic lights turning red or the brake lights of the car in front. At the last moment, Paul makes an emergency stop, but it is too late to avoid a collision. Paul crashes into the back of the car in front. Nobody is injured, but both cars have a visible dent.

Solution: The parties concur that Paul is responsible for the damage. Paul’s motor liability insurance covers the damage to the other car. Motor liability insurance does not cover the damage to Paul’s car.

Points to note

If an accident happens, motor liability insurance covers any personal injury to the people involved in the accident, as well as damage to the innocent party’s property. Depending on your vehicle, you can take out voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, which extends the cover that motor liability insurance offers. You can tailor the content of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance so that it covers your car against crashes or collisions. 


Does motor liability insurance cover: damage to glass on a motorway?

On a sunny spring day, Ralph is driving to his holiday home in the Turku archipelago. The journey is going fine until an overtaking car drives through a layer of snow, sending a stone flying directly into Ralph’s windscreen. The windscreen is cracked and must be repaired.

Solution: Motor liability insurance does not cover the cost of repairing or replacing a windscreen.

Points to note

Windscreen damage is covered by collision cover or windscreen cover under comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. Collision cover is automatically included in every comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy from Pohjola Insurance. Windscreen cover is optional but, when you use it, there is no deductible for repairing a windscreen, and claims will not affect your bonus. When you make a claim under collision cover, the deductible is usually EUR 200, and the claim will have an impact of 10–20% on your bonus.


Does motor liability insurance cover: vehicles damaged in car parks?

Sally is spending the weekend at a local mall, shopping and enjoying her free time. When she returns to the car park, she notices that the car next to hers is just leaving. As the car reverses, the driver fails to notice the front of the vehicle making contact with Sally’s car. Sally waves her hands to warn the driver, but the damage is already done. When Sally checks her car, the door on the driver’s side is badly scratched.

Solution: The person who caused the scratch is still on the scene, and Sally takes down his contact details. The damage is reported to the insurance company of the person who caused it, and this insurance company handles the claim. The insurance company decides to pay compensation under the other party’s motor liability insurance, so Sally does not need to pay a deductible or worry about her bonus suffering.

Points to note

If Sally did not know who caused the damage, she would have to make a claim on her own insurance policy. Sally’s motor liability insurance does not cover damage to a parked car. 

It is possible to make a claim under comprehensive motor vehicle insurance when an unknown person damages a parked car. Damage to parked cars falls under collision cover or parking cover, which can be included in comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.


Does motor liability insurance cover: collisions in built-up areas?

Larry is on his way to floorball practice. The familiar journey takes a surprising and unfortunate direction when Larry turns too sharply towards the sports hall, and the front of the car hits a concrete bollard in the car park. The collision occurred at speed, causing substantial damage to the front of the car and hurting Larry’s wrist. The car needs to be repaired, and Larry’s wrist needs to be examined.

Solution: Motor liability insurance does not cover the damage to Larry’s car. However, motor liability insurance covers the personal injury that Larry has suffered. 

Points to note

The damage to the car is covered by collision cover, which is included in comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. If you take out comprehensive motor vehicle insurance from Pohjola Insurance, you can take your car to a Pohjola Repair Advisor, and you will not need to file a loss report. The Repair Advisor will handle the repairs and the claim for you.


Does motor liability insurance cover: Driving off the road when travelling to a holiday home

Eveliina is driving a familiar road to the holiday home for the weekend. However, she is surprised by heavy rainfall on the way. The car starts aquaplaning and Eveliina drifts off the road. Eveliina’s car also damages the fence of a detached house by the road. Luckily, no one was injured, but the front part and wheels of the car needed repairing.

Solution: Motor liability insurance does not cover the damage to Eveliina’s car. However, motor liability insurance covers the damage to the detached house’s fence.

Good to know

The Collision Cover of the Pohjola comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers repair costs from accidents to your car. As our comprehensive motor vehicle insurance customer, you can book an appointment directly with the Pohjola Repair Advisor. The Repair Advisor will fix your car and submit a loss report on your behalf.