Sähköinen asiointi kannattaa

Matters to note in handling insurance matters during the PAU strike

The extensive strike action by the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU will affect postal service until at least 24 November. The impact of the PAU strike will be widely visible in many fields, insurance included. Please note the following issues related to insurance.

Insurance invoicing

We will change the due date of bills that would fall due during the strike so that the bills will not fall due while it is in progress. The change in the due date will not be shown on the paper bill. If you receive a bill during or after the strike, pay it either on the due date at the latest or immediately after receiving the bill, if the due date shown on the bill has already passed. Penalty interest will not be charged if the bill is paid soon after the strike is over. If the strike continues further, we will take it into account by changing the due dates again.

Direct payment and e-invoices will function as usual during the strike. 

If you are not using e-invoices for insurance bills, now is a good time to start. Paying e-invoices is easy, even during the strike. As a private customer, you can see copies of the paper bills sent to you in My archive in the op.fi service. You can request a bill for corporate insurance by sending an online message to our customer service at op.fi


Green Card – a certificate of motor liability insurance for trips abroad

If you are going abroad with a vehicle, reserve plenty of time for getting a Green Card during the strike. A Green Card ordered from the op.fi service is delivered by post, and it may not arrive while the strike is in progress. In urgent cases, you can pick up the Green Card at an OP cooperative bank branch that provides Pohjola Insurance services. You can speed up matters by reserving an appointment at the bank branch at op.fi


Claims and claim settlement decisions

The delivery of written claim settlement decisions will be delayed during the PAU strike. We aim to send a notification of the claim settlement decision either by SMS or by email during the strike. If you have not received a claim settlement decision, please check your SMS messages and email: you can also check if the compensation can be found on your account. Some of the claim settlement decisions of private customers can also be seen in My archive in the op.fi service.

You can also check the estimated claim settlement periods from Pohjola Claim Help


Delivering additional information

If we have requested additional information for settling a claim, please submit it at op.fi via an online message or add it to the particulars of loss (private customers).

Billing related to claims

The payment of paper bills sent by car repair shops, hospitals and our other loss partners will be delayed due to the strike. We recommend sending the bills to us as e-invoices.


Travel insurance card

Eurooppalainen Insurance Company Ltd merged with Pohjola Insurance Ltd on 1 November 2019. Due to the merger, the travel insurance cards were changed.

Some of our customers have already received a new card, and the rest of our customers will receive theirs during November or December. However, the mailing of the cards will be delayed due to the PAU strike. If you have recently purchased a new travel insurance policy, the mailing of the travel insurance card will also be delayed.

Even if the card does not reach you before your trip, your travel insurance will still be valid.

Download a travel insurance card with OP-mobile

The new travel insurance card for private customers can be downloaded with OP-mobile, which means that the card is always with you when you travel. If OP-mobile still has the old travel insurance card, update the OP-mobile application.

You can find more information about travel insurance at op.fi/matka and via OP-mobile, and instructions in the event of accident can be found at vahinkoapu.pohjola.fi


Checking that the insurance policy is valid

If you have purchased a new insurance policy, or if the insurance period is changing and you have not received the policy document yet, you can check if the insurance policy is valid in the op.fi service. If you have approved an offer on an insurance policy or purchased insurance from a car dealer, it is valid even if you have not received the policy document yet.

Health declaration

Delivering a health declaration by post and the entry into force of the insurance policy will be delayed due to the PAU strike. As a private customer, the easiest way to get a new insurance policy is to submit a health declaration by logging into the op.fi service.


Use the insurance services online at op.fi

As a private or corporate customer of Pohjola Insurance, you can handle most of your insurance matters online by logging into the op.fi service, either with your personal online banking codes or OP’s Corporate eServices user ID.

At the op.fi service, you can submit a loss report, send a message to the customer service, check the valid insurance information, make change requests and print out confirmations of insurance cover.

Read more about OP eServices and make an eServices Agreement, if you are not using OP eServices yet.