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Corporate financing and the coronavirus pandemic – FAQs

To help you, we have compiled answers to the FAQs related to the effects of the coronavirus on corporate financing.

At the beginning of April, we held the webinar “Corporate financing solutions in the coronavirus pandemic”, where we informed how the bank’s and Finnvera’s experts can help your company in financing issues and cope with the difficult coronavirus situation.

To help your company, we have compiled answers to the FAQs related to the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on corporate financing.

Repayment holiday

You can apply for a repayment holiday for your existing corporate loan easily online. The repayment holiday is there for your company to provide acute help when there is one expense less. The repayment holiday is a sort of a way to get through difficult times.

How to apply for repayment holiday for a corporate loan 

  • Log into the op.fi service and fill in an online application. If you do not have an OP user ID yet, please contact your own OP cooperative bank.
  • You can apply for a repayment holiday for a loan on the op.fi service if you are authorised to manage your company’s financing.
  • During the repayment holiday, you will only pay interest and loan servicing costs.
  • We will process your application as soon as possible. We will contact your company once we have received your application.

Log into op.fi and apply for a repayment holiday for a corporate loan >

We seek to act promptly and make the changes as soon as possible.

You are entitled to a repayment holiday for hire purchase, and it is possible to reduce monthly lease payments.
It pays to apply for the repayment holiday for your company in good time. You can start the repayment holiday when your company finds it necessary. 


Applying for financing

You can easily send a financing application online. The application does not bind you to take out the financing. Our experts will contact you as soon as we have received your application. 

We will make a financing offer to your company. We will always calculate the best financing offer on a case-by-case basis.

You can speed up the processing if you make your financial statements and cash flow statements readily available to us.

Together with our customers, we aim to find the most suitable solutions for companies to get over difficulties due to the coronavirus crisis. Then we will go through how the company can cope with the situation, for what working capital the company needs financing, what solutions can be used and how Finnvera’s guarantees can possibly be utilised.

Working capital financing means providing the company with capital for its normal running costs.

In a normal situation, a credit facility is a good solution to level off cash flow fluctuations, but you can also in this situation make use of a loan to help in an acute cash crisis. 

The term of corporate loans is generally 3–5 years. The advantage of the loan is that the money is right away available, the repayment plan is extended and at the outset you can make use of a 6-month repayment holiday, if needed.

The company should have an overall agenda on how it can get through the situation. This agenda should reveal all payment reliefs at the company’s disposal, such as rents, pension contributions and taxes. 

It is also important to know how the company will adjust its operations. Additional financing and the repayment holiday form part of the total package.

In good time. When the company knows its plans and forecasts, it pays to contact the bank. 
Our goal is that a viable company will not go bankrupt due to the coronavirus pandemic. The loan terms and conditions will be determined on a customer-specific basis.
Despite the coronavirus crisis, we grant financing for fixed investments and other needs too.



In this exceptional situation, Finnvera secures SMEs increased needs for working capital through its Start Guarantee, SME Guarantee and Finnvera Guarantee. 

Finnvera has broadened the criteria for Start Guarantees and SME Guarantees in respect of the working capital needs caused by the coronavirus crisis. Finnvera has sought to increase the efficiency of handling other guarantees too by agreeing on joint processes with banks and by intensifying cooperation with banks. Standard terms and conditions speed up handling. 

The product terms and conditions are subject to continuous review so that financing would be available to more companies.

First contact your own bank. The bank will apply for the guarantee on behalf of your company or provide guidance on applying for it.
Applicable to all types of business organisations, Finnvera’s guarantee can be granted to most industries, except actual farming, forestry, property development in the construction business and financing operations. 
Finnvera does not require other collateral in all its guarantees but the bank may require. These are subject to a negotiation with the bank and are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Every time when the bank makes a new loan decision, it assesses the assets pledged as collateral. 

If the company has other collateral, it can also use it. If needed, such collateral can be combined with Finnvera’s guarantees. 

The company’s business has been on a sound basis before the coronavirus crisis and the conditions for repayment will be fulfilled after the crisis. 


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