Sujuvuutta rahaliikenteen hallintaan

Flexible management of cash transactions

Versatile payment transfer services conveniently for the needs of both your farm and family.

Keeping the monetary transactions of your farm and family clearly separate is advisable. Payment transfer services for farms help you with this. They include:

  • Current account for your personal banking transactions
  • Corporate account for your farm’s monetary transactions
  • OP eServices
  • OP-mobile
  • Online bank statement for your personal and corporate account

Corporate account

The expenses related to the farm’s payment and cash transactions are deductible costs for the agricultural enterprise. A dedicated corporate account facilitates the monitoring of the farm’s finances as well as bookkeeping and reporting to the tax authorities.

A credit facility integrated to the account offers you access to readily available funds to counterbalance fluctuations in income and expenses, while also otherwise balancing the farm’s liquidity. The flexible limit enables you to make timely acquisitions, undertake construction projects and pay any unexpected costs.

The limit of the credit facility will depend on the farm’s turnover, operating sector and other farm-specific factors. It is also possible to add ‘interest steps’ to the account, which means that the more money you have in your account, the higher interest rate you will receive on your savings.

OP Online Service

OP Online Service enables you to handle the payments both for your farm and private household. It also gives you access to our online expert services related to agriculture and forestry, saving and investing, as well as other banking services.

Bank statements are conveniently filed in digital format and you can print them out whenever needed.

Through our e-invoice service you will receive invoices directly to your online bank. The service also allows you to send e-invoices and gives you access to customer, product and invoice registers. If necessary, e-invoices can be supplied to the recipient in paper format.

OP-Visa Business Card

A debit/credit card linked to the corporate account is a convenient and inexpensive means of paying for any daily or cash purchases.  By using the debit card, you can avoid invoicing extras and also benefit from possible cash discounts.

Contact the nearest OP Group member bank to make an agreement on a payment and cash management service package.