Intergenerational transfer financing

Even if the generation taking over is thoroughly familiar with the operations of the farm, expert advice is needed on practical matters. We act as your partner in the many matters related to intergenerational transfer.

Young farmer’s start-up support

In addition to the know-how of the previous generation, a young farmer can also avail of start-up support for young farmers. If you are under 41 years of age, check our guide on intergenerational transfer to find out whether you can apply for this subsidy.

Service package for intergenerational transfer

Generational changeover is a process that takes several years, and it culminates in the actual transfer of ownership to the next generation. For you to be able to focus on smooth continuation of farming, we have put together a package including the key financing services related to buying a farm and starting a business. The package includes Payment Protection Insurance and a free interest rate corridor loan, which protects your business from rising interest rates.

Financing agricultural purchases

An intergenerational transfer often marks the beginning of brisk development of operations at the farm. If you need a new harvester, tractor or milking robot, you can choose from among various financing options, such as a bank loan, hire purchase or leasing. We help you find the best solution for you.

Asset management services for farmers

Financial stability is key to ensuring non-stop operations and development of a farm. It pays to invest the profits from agricultural operations so that you can ensure the viability of the farm for years to come. Should you have any questions about investing or asset management, do not hesitate to turn to OP experts.