Starting a business – our services for new businesses

Are you planning to start your own company or do you have a new company? We want to support you and help you get your business started. 

On these pages, we have put together information about starting a company, different company forms as well as the key services available to new businesses.

Stages of starting a business

When you start a business, you have many choices to make. We want to ensure that you get your business started smoothly and easily.

1. Choosing a company form

An essential part of starting your own business, choosing the company form is influenced by several factors. Some of the key questions include, for example, how many founders your company has and what is its targeted revenue. 

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2. A business idea forms the foundation of business – What is a good business idea like?

A business idea is the starting point for a new entrepreneur. It is hard to become an entrepreneur without a good business idea, or found a company, or formulate a business plan. 

A solid business idea enables business operations; there is demand for it and it has something that other companies do not have. Before starting a new business, it is a good idea to gather enough information about the new company’s future target market and also test how potential customers feel about the idea.

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3. A carefully drafted business plan sums up your company’s goal

In addition to the business idea and company form, the business plan forms one of the cornerstones of a new business. A good business plan tells:

  • What the company does, for whom, why and how 
  • What the company’s goal is and how it plans to get through difficult situations 

A starting entrepreneur should also carefully perform profitability calculations. You should draw up your business plan as soon as you have a clear business idea because you will need it when dealing with the authorities and applying for financing. There are various free templates for building a business plan available online. You can use them for formulating your plans and at the early stages of founding your company.

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4. Is there any support for starting a business and what subsidies are there available to new entrepreneurs?

There are different subsidies available to entrepreneurs that will help your business to get financially started. For example, a start-up grant, pay subsidy or corporate financing for farmers. Just remember that it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the available subsidies well before starting your business. For example, you can't receive a start-up grant after starting your business operations.

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5. Select the right banking and insurance services for your business – We will support your company through the different stages

A new company should sort out its banking and insurance services as early as possible. We can provide you with helpful information, for example, on financing as well as banking and insurance services that support your business.

Entrepreneurs must manage a wide range of payment transactions, and you also need tools for procurement and using electronic services. We can provide you with effective services that facilitate the daily management of your company’s finances.

Account and card

As an enterpriser, you can open a corporate bank account and order a bank card online. Once your company has become OP’s customer, you will need your company’s memorandum of association that has been submitted to PRH as well as the board minutes regarding the opening of the corporate account and the services you have selected.

Financing for businesses 

It is often the case that starting out entrepreneurs and founders of new companies need external financing in addition to their equity capital. Usually, a natural partner to finance the new business is a bank. The specialised financing company Finnvera can help new entrepreneurs in this by means of a schedule aimed at new companies that makes it possible to apply for financing, for example, via OP.


As an entrepreneur, you have to take out certain mandatory insurance policies. The most important entrepreneur’s insurance is the self-employed persons’ pension insurance (YEL), which is mandatory for nearly all entrepreneurs. To make sure that your business operations are as risk-free as possible and your business runs smoothly even in the case of unexpected trouble, we can provide insurance solutions tailored to your and your company’s needs. New entrepreneurs are often entitled to a discount on insurance.

Services for effective trading

We offer comprehensive, reliable and flexible solutions for multichannel commerce.

Cash management

With cash management services, you can improve your company’s payment transfers and management of finances. OP offers flexible, modern cash management services for the needs of companies of all sizes.

6. Accounting for new entrepreneurs

The mandatory tasks of new entrepreneurs include accounting, which is why hiring an accountant may be topical already at the early stages of starting a business. Accounting also makes it easier to financially monitor the start of business operations and it forms the basis on which the company is taxed. 

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