Starting a business and tips for entrepreneurship


We at OP want to make starting up a business easier. OP offers a large number of digital services for the needs of beginner companies, such as OP New Light Entrepreneurship service, opening an account for private traders, and a financing application. We support your company online and locally so that you can focus on what is essential.


Starting your own business

Planning to establish your own business? We want to support you and guide you to get your business started.

When you start a business, you have to make many choices. We want to support you in your entrepreneurial journey and starting your own business. We make sure that you will get your business started easily and smoothly.

All banking and insurance services under the same roof

It is beneficial to take care of the banking and insurance matters of a new company as early as possible. An entrepreneur must manage a range of payment transactions, and you also need tools for making procurements and using electronic services. OP offers efficient services that assist you in the management of everyday financial management.

You need capital to start a company, and sometimes a bank loan may be necessary. We help you to find the right solutions for your company's procurements and other expenses.

To enable as risk-free business operations as possible, and a smooth running of business as usual even in the case of an accident, we can tailor insurance solutions that meet the needs of your company and yourself. We also offer support in accident prevention and risk management.

And as your business develops, grows and perhaps becomes international, we can offer excellent services along the way.

Limited companies and other types of business organisations

First, decide on the type of company and carefully create a business plan that supports your business goals. A properly prepared business plan helps you to plan your business and communicate your goals to others. You can make use of our sample template to prepare a business plan:

Business plan (pdf)

Remember to apply for a startup grant from a TE Office before the company is officially established.

A company starting up should organise its banking and insurance matters as early as possible. We can offer you helpful information on financing, and banking and insurance services that support your business.

What documents should you take along for a meeting with OP?

  • Business establishment documents you submitted to Finnish Patent and Registration Office
  • Minutes of the Board meeting related to opening an account and enabling services you have chosen